Foreword & Editorial Note
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“For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name” – (Ephesians 3: 14, 15, TNIV)

Spiders are masters at building webs. Biologists can identify the kind of spider on seeing its web. The size, the ferocity and the kind of prey that a spider prefers can be established from the nature of the web that it builds. The web which is the home of the spider is integral to its identity.

Identity is crucial to each individual. It gives each one a sense of belonging and purposeful existence. The urge to seek our roots stems from the longing to establish an identity.

The origin of our family is to some extend vivid in the memory of many of our senior members. However, passage of time demands solid documentation of our blessed and prospering flock. The “Polackal family history” as a document traces the eventful lineage of our family through the centuries up till the last updates received in 2017.

Many of our forefathers took a lead role in establishing our Polackal Kudumbayogam as an institution. Others stood behind and were less visible. Yet, all of them had an equal measure of love for the family. I pay most respectful homage before the memory of all leading luminaries of our family. Mrs. Gracy Oommen was always an inspiration to me in terms of the dedication that she had to the institution of our Kudumbayogam.

I bow before the memory of Adv. Cherian Andrews and Prof. K C Abraham who individually attempted to document the history of our family.

Iam most thankful to Mr. O C Cherian who is shouldering the responsibility of bringing out an authoritative and official version in the form of this book. His abilities, effort and dedication to this important cause of our family are beyond mention.

Mr Kurian Abraham Kattumbhagam who led the affairs of our family in the capacity of its president till last year always strove for achieving proper documentation of its history. I thank all members of the executive committee of Polackal Kudumbayogam who spared no efforts in the successful enterprise of the affairs of our family. God bless us all.

Prof A. Abraham
Polackal  Kudumbayogam

Editorial Note

After twenty years of employment, in Republic of Maldives, I returned to my native in 2015. ‘Polackal Kudumbayogam Committee’ invited me to attend an executive meeting. Long pending “Kudumba Charitram” was one of the matters discussed. Before winding up the meeting, I was asked to facilitate in this regard by publishing a book 1.e the Kudumba Charitram of Polackal.

My book, “Droplets of Godly virtues’, meant for youth and parents had just launched in Chennai and Kerala. This could be the reason, I was considered for this task. In due course, I decided to take up this challenge despite my constraints in Malayalam language.

First I read and understood, ‘Polackal Kudumba Charitram’ written by Epichayan Appachen

(Adv: Cherian Andrews) in the year 1963. The strain and interest he had taken those days along with his professional engagement to compile the information and data during a period with very limited resources were remarkable. We should remember that there were no adequate sources of communication, transportation, recordical evidences handy or readily available. He completed the five hundred-page book in a time span of seven months. Based on this book and other related information gathered in later years, updating and completing the book unbiased with full justice was my challenge and priority.

The above referred *‘Polackal Kudumba Charitram’ is an encyclopedia and genesis of our family history comprising of geographical, tradition, cultural and family information. These historical facts are analyzed and narrated in a lucid language and in chronological order. It was a unique experience to travel through that era and places mentioned in the book. This ‘unique experience’ and historical narrations will make each one of as in this family clan proud. Not only we will get to know our roots but will also realize our responsibility to live in integrity and to uphold our traditional values wherever we are around the globe. We are branded by our family names’ tracing out almost eight generations with rich traditional values.

Subsequently, the contributions by publishing a brief history and family byelaws, by Prof. K.C.Abraham Kattumbhagamn and a Platinum Jubilee booklet,-75th years- (1914-1989) by Shri K.V.John Kaithavanaparambil are specially highlighted. Shri George Verghese, Ooramvelil is also remembered for systematically recording an hand written family facts and records of the past.

103rd Annual Kudumbayogam meeting officially announced the printing of the new book inducting our Family Tree from the beginning. This accomplishment and release of the new edition would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of all the devoted past and present Presidents, Secretaries and Committee members who have managed, administered and valued all the activities of the yester and current years. Also this is an opportunity to remember all our forefathers and members who took genuine interest and family spirit to, ‘harmonize our family as one’, and for conducting Annual Family meetings in almost all branches of the family and without interruption. In a way, each member of the family contributed to sustain where we stand today by upholding the affluent family and traditional values.

The present edition is prepared under two main headings;

l. Polackal Kudumba Charitram up to 1963.

2. Polackal Kudumba Charitram post 1963.

The first part comprises of the origin of family and related histories, since beginning.

This part is an abstract of ‘Polackal Kudumba Charitram’ by Advo: Cherian Andrews and historical evidences of past.

Second part is an update of all the family branches. Copies of the draft print were handed over to respective family wings during the 2015 Annual get together. Information received up to Ist May 2017, Annual Family Meeting held in Thiruvalla are also included.

I take this opportunity to thank every office bearers, elders, and each member of the family, for entrusting me with the task of updating and preparing our “Kudumba Charitram’’. Active guidance, advises and encouragement especially by Kunjumonachayan (Prof. A.Abraham, Illampallil), Thampichayan (Mr. Thomas Abraham, Ooramvelil), Kurtyachayan (Mr. Kurian Abraham, Kattumbhagam) from time to time for this noble accomplishment were precious.

In spite of all efforts for transparancy and infomation in every aspect, if there are any short comings, may be excused. Additional information  if any will have all priorities to include in the future edition.

I am also deeply indebted to my parents and family for their prayers and support for this endeavor. May the Divine Blessings be with all of us throughout.

O.C.Cherian Ooramvelil

Editor’s Profile :
O. C. Cherian Ooramvelil is former Advisor to Board of a renowned business entity in Maldives.
Married to Reetha Cherian and is blessed with two children.
Authored a book titled ” Droplets of Godly virtues” designed for youth and parents.
Personal Contact : / 00919446285784.