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Cherian (Omanakuttan)third son of Polackal Chacko settled at Illampallil. Mariamma from Kuttikattil, Aymanam was wife. Son is Chacko and a daughter. After the death of Mariamma, he married Mariamma from Ambrayil. Only son is Dr P.C.Cherian.

First son Chacko stayed at Illampallil. I C Cherian, I C Chacko, I C Mathew, I C Abraham, I C John are sons and Mariamma, Sosamma and Annamma are daughters.Mariamma was married to A Thomas, Veloor, Kottayam, Sosamma to N George, Nalamvelil, Niranam and Annamma was married to Dr K T Thomas, Karukayil, Edathua.

I C Cherian, stayed at Kalapura,Illampallil. Wife was Chinnamma, daughter of Kurian,Kannanthanam, Chenganoor. Jacob Cherian, I C Kurian,John Cherian, George Cherianare sons.Kunjamma, Saramma, Thankamma, Elsamma were daughters.Kunjamma was married to Punnose Cherian, Pulimoottil, Pamala, Saramma to P.C.Verghese, Purackal, Cheppad, Thankamma to A George, Mangavil, Kattanam and Elsamma was married to A C Oommen, Kovoor, Thiruvalla.

I C Cherian’selder son Jacob Cheriansettled at Edathua after working in Chennai. Mariamma, daughter of K P Iduculla, Kandathil, Thiruvalla was wife. I C Cherian, Abraham Jacob, Jacob Chacko were sons and Mariam Cherian was daughter. I CCherian settled at Trichur. Nirmala daughter of T A John, Thundathil, Kumarakom, was wife. Jacob Cherian was son and was in Saudi Arabia. Wife was Achu, Munduchirackal, Kevin, Peter are children. Mariam was daughter married to Manoj son of Mathew, Konikka, Trichur.

Second son of Jacob Cherian, Abraham Jacob, stayed at home after passing engineering. Mariamma daughter of A J Abraham, Alumoottil, Chennamkari was wife. Jacob Abraham was son and Mariam Abraham, Elizabeth Abraham are daughters. Jacob Cherian’s younger son, Jacob Chacko served with UBC after passing out from Central Institute. Suma, Kizhakkeveetil, Trivandrum was wife. Jino Jacob Chacko was son and Jina Mariam Chacko was daughter.
Illampallil I C Cherian’s second son, I C Kurian had own estate in Munnar. Thankamma, Polachirackal,Mavelikara was wife.IC Cherian, Palouse Kurian, Vinod Kurian,Sunil Kurian are sons and Suseela, Latha, Sudha are daughters. Suseela was married to K P John,Kolath, Kurichi, Latha to M T Mathew, Nediyakala, Naranganam and Sudha was married to Mathew Joseph, Adimathara, Pullad.

I C Kurain’s elder son, I C Cherian did own business in Dubai. Supriya, Pandiyackal, Pattom was wife,Prasanth, Prajeesh, Pratheekh are sons. I C Kurain’ssecond son, Palouse Kurian, did business in Dubai. Leena, Kaniyanparambil,Kottayam is wife. Christina Paul and Merina are daughters. I C Kurain’sthird son,Vinod Kurian is in Dubai. Girly, Kochumamootil, Kumbanad is wife with one son and a daughter. I C Kurain’syounger son stayed at family house. Anne, Madukkolil, Elanthoor is wife. Ashwin, Mahima are children.

I C Cherian’s third son I C John (Johnny) was a public personality. Heserved as Edathua Panchayat President for long, and also was the President of Co-operative society. Was the proprietor of Vijaya bus service. (Edathua- Thiruvalla route).He served as the Vice President of Kudumba yogam. Kunjamma, Sankaramangalam, Eraviperoor is wife. Cherian IllampallilJohn, Koshy J Illampallil are sons and Santha, Geetha, Jaya are daughters. Santha was a married to Kurian, Akkare, Kottayam, Geetha to Cherian Mathew, Mangalam, Kottayam and Jaya was married to G Pothirickan. Cherian Illampallil John is at Chicago and Sally, daughter of Pothen, Thekkil, Kallunkal is wife. Justin John and Jasmine are children. Younger son, Koshy j Illampallil, was in Bahrain and settled at native home. Stella, Amayil, Maramon is wife. Elder son, John Illampallil Koshymarried Rini daughter of Fidelis, Casilda, Vazhuthacad. Thomas Illampallil Koshy is the younger son.

I C Cherian’s forth son, George Cherian settled at Thiruvalla. Was the proprietor for Mepral bus service. Molly, daughter of K V Cherian, Valanjattil, Kottayam was wife. Rajeev George, Sajeev George, G George are sons and Rani, Renu are daughters. Rani was married to Mathew George, Velliyampallil, Mallapally and Renu to Rengi George, Vaidyanveetil, Chathannoor.

George Cherian’s elder son, Rajeev, a Chartered Accountant is with Malayala Manorama as Internal Auditor. Molvi, Koippurath, Chamavilayil, Chenganoor is wife. Ravin and Ramna are children. Sajeev George is serving with Etihad airways in Abu Dhabi. Bindu, Chackalamannil, Trivandrum is wife. Sabinu and Ribinu are children. G George is a Chartered Accountant, serving with Grindlays bank, UK. Saira, daughter of Dr Kurian, Chitteth, Kallada is wife. George, Kurian, Kripa are children.

Chacko Illampallil, second son I C Chacko, did his engineering from UK. Retired as Chief Engineer from Government of Travancore. Was the mastermind for Edathua- Thakazhi road and advisor to Thottapally spillway. Elizabeth, daughter of Dr Verghese, Kozhimannil, Karackal was wife. Jacob, Dr Verghese Chacko are sons and Gracy, Molly, Rosini are daughters. Gracy was married to Dr Kurian George son of K George, – Chief Secretary-, Malikeckal, Thiruvalla, Molly to Mani, Modayil, and Roshini to Modayil Mallapally.

Jacob Chacko, elder son of I C Chacko, Chartered Account served with Pyaari and co and retired as General Manager. Settled at Thiruvalla. Thankamani, daughter of P C Koshy, Polachirackal, Mavelikara is wife. Elder son, Dr Chacko married Maria, second son Koshy Chacko married Reena. Indira, Prameela and Nimmu are daughters.
Verghese Chacko, second son of I C Chacko, after completing FRCS joined and retired as Head of Orthopedics in Manipal Medical College. He was honored Emeritus and later served in Pushpagiri hospital. Ruby, Kovoor, Thiruvalla is wife. Dr Asoke is son and wife is Shoba. Anita and Anoopa are daughters.

I C Mathew, third son of Chacko Illampallil was a post graduate in Mathematics and served in Bombay. Kunjaccamma, Pazhayaparambil, Thiruvalla was wife.

I C Abraham, forth son of Chacko Illampallil, settled at Chiraparambil. Saramma, daughter of Thomas, Chalakuzhi, Thiruvalla was wife. Jacob Abraham, Thomas Abraham, A Abraham, Mathew Abraham are sons and Joykutty, Sophiyamma, Dr Molly, Thankamma, Kunjamma are daughters.

Joykutty was married to Mathai, Kurichiyath, Niranam, Sophiyammaa to Dr M C Thomas, Pulikkatra, Maliyil, Dr Molly to Alex, son of Korechan, Kodiyattu, Thiruvalla, Thankamma to Mathai Benjamin, Alunilkunnathil, Maramon and Kunjamma was married to Mathai, Ancheril, Trichur.

Jacob Abraham son of I C Abraham, after completing textile technology worked with TATA, Birla, and Hopes and later retired as General Manager from Gokkak Mills and settled at Calicut. Kunjumol, Mundapallil, Thiruvalla is wife. Renjith, Ajith are sons. Reju, daughter was married to Joshu, son of Kurian Abraham, Angadipurath, Calicut. Renjith Jacob, an engineer, served with Coast Guard as Commandant. Neethu is wife. Nikhil is son and his wife is Aisha. Ajith Jacob is a Chartered Accountant and served as General Manager in South Indian Bank. Omana is wife and Sneha and Rohan are children.

Thomas Abraham, son of I C Abraham retired from Indian Navy and later with Forbes and settled at Bombay. Rose Thomas is wife. Allan is son and Sandra and Sherin are daughters. Allan is Journalist.
Professor A. Abraham, third son of I C Abraham, was head of Zoology department and later retired as Principal and settled at Edathua. Sudha daughter of C I David, Cheruvathoor, Kunnamkulam is wife. Dr A Abraham elder son is working in Christian College in Chenganoor. He authored a meaningful book titled “Jesus the game changer”. Asha is wife. Risam is son. David Abraham younger son is with TCS. Diya is wife and Riyo and Georgi are children
Professor A. Abraham is the present President of Polackal Kudumba Yogam.

Mathew Abraham, son of I C Abraham served in Nigerian after doing Engineering. Mariyakutty, daughter of Chackochen, Alunilkunnathil, Kozhencherry is wife and was school Principal in Nigeria. Aby is son and working in Bahrain.
I C John son of Illampallil Chacko served as manager in National & Quilon bank and settled at Edathua. Aleyamma, Manjallor, Vennikulam is wife. Roy is son and Lizy, Mini are daughters. Lizy was married to Baby and Mini was married to Joy, Nalonnil, Venmani. Roy served in Nigeria, Anu, Ayroor, Cherukara is wife. Jayan John is son and Indu is daughter.

Dr Cherian son of Illampallil Cherian (son of Polackal Cherian) settled at Puthencavu. Married Elizabeth , Kurunthottickal, Kozhencherry. They have five sons and four daughters.Elder son P.C.Cherian was Executive Director to Voltas, Bombay. Chellamma, Kandathil family was wife. Ramani, Muneer, Geetha are children.
Second son, P.C.Mathew, served Pears Leslie Company and Annie is wife. Daughter Sudha was Principal of Maharajas College. Maya was Chartered Accountant and Usha was medical doctor. Son Arun is Chartered Accountant. Maya is wife, one son and one daughter.

Daughter, Dr Thankam Behanan was a Pediatrician. Son J.P Cherian worked with forest department. Wife is Gracy, Principal of Shishya School, Chennai.Son, Jacob Cherian and his wife is Ammukutty, Manalel family. Son, Azad is Estate Manager. Geetha is wife. Two sons and one daughter.

Son, Anish was General Manager of Indian Potash. Basica is wife. Three sons, Jacob, Kuruvila and Pothen.
Daughter, Grace married Dr K C Chacko, Koppara family.

Daughter Susan Mani married A M Mani, Adimathara family. Was KSEB Chairman. Son A M Mathew is a Physician at Trivandrum and sister, Nina Roy married to Dr Roy Verghese Kandathil, Plathottam.

Eighth,daughter Daisy Varkey, a school teacher was married to P K Varkey of Thumpunkal, Mavelikara. Ninth son, George Cherian, Chartered Accountant was Financial Director to Burma shell, Bombay. Wife Elizabeth served as a teacher at Bombay and Bangalore. Settled at Bangalore. Son, Manu is a Chartered Accountant. Nina is wife. They have one son and daughter, Lira is a physician. Dr Aslam Pervez is husband with one son.