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Yohannan’s elder son Chackochen had five sons. Elder son Oommachan stayed at Moonnuthykkal. Second one Idichandy, Kochukunju stayed at Enpathil, Keevareechen and youngest was Kariyachan who stayed at Kaithavanaparambil.
Oommachan who stated at Moonnuthykkal had four sons. Elder son, K T Jacob was in Sri Lanka as Medical Officer and came back and settled at Thiruvalla. Second one Geevarghese stayed at Moonnuthykkal near Kaithavanaparambil. Third one, C O John settled at Ernakulum after serving in Sri Lanka as a teacher. Youngest stayed at family house at Kaithavanaparambil.

Oomachen’s elder son Dr K T Jacob married Susamma, Mundapallil, Kottayam,and served with civil service in Tanzania and died there. Second one, J Jacob served as marketing executive of BBC in Colombo. Alexi, from Kurudamannil, Kaipallil was wife.

Third son, George Jacob worked as insurance Advisor at Thiruvalla. Sosamma from Kummini, Karuvatta was wife. Sabu, Biju and Vinu are sons. Sabuis at Ranni and is an agriculturist.Valsamma, Kannath, Ranni is wife. Son is Febin.
Biju Lankagiri is into advertisement business. Serving as the Thiruvalla municipal councilor and standing committee chairman to cultural, sports and education. He is also the vice president to Kudumbayogam. Raji, Ramanattu family, Trivandrum is wife. Vinuno more.

Forth son, John Jacob stayed at Perumthruthy as an agriculturist. Ammini from Velamparmbil, Kunnanthanam was wife. Daughter, Jaya is no more. Regi, Ponkunnamparambil, Mallapally is husband. Son, Ivan.
Fifth son, Mammen Jacob died at Trichi while serving as the SeniorArea Manager of Central Warehouse Corporation. Mary, Meenathethil, Chettikulangara was wife.Binu and Beena are children. Binu servedas the Junior Superintend of Central Warehouse Corporation. Lekha, Peedikayil, Kuttickal is wife.

Sixth son, Sam Jacob, was accountant at SSF Company at Cochin. Thresiamma, Pakalomattam, Kuravilangad was wife. Ajay and Aneesha are children. Ajay is at Bangalore.

Idichandy, who stayed at Enpathil, has one son. Pappy has one son and one daughter. Idichandy’s brother Kochukunju settled at Karthikapally.

Second son, Geevarghese had three son and six daughters. Son, Thankachan died while he was in US. Two daughters are in US. Second son, Bavachan retired from PWD. Wife Leelamma was a teacher and has one son and three daughters. Son, Jerry is serving at Manipal University. Third son Achenkunju settled at Edathua and is no more. Sherry, only son is staying with his mother.

Third son, C O John settled at Ernakulum after serving at Sri Lanka. Wife Mariyakutty was a Public Prosecutor. Son, Sajan was an advocate and no more.

Last son, Kochukutty stayed at family home, Moonnuthykkal. Was the Secretary of Kudumbayogam in early years and died during 1994. Two sons and two daughters. Elder son Kunjumon served with Indian Railways at Palghat and retired as senior IT Engineer. Wife, Thankamani, Plachira, Mukkor was superintend in Indian railways. Son is working in US as an engineer and his wife, Chithanya is System Analyst in Trivandrum.
Second son, Aniyankunju retired as SBT, Chief Manager and settled at Trivandrum. Kunjumol, Parackal Chenganoor is wife. Son, Vivek is IT engineer with Techopark. Daughter is Divya.
Kochu Vareechen’s elder son Kunjappi died while he was young. Only son K C Jacob served as Principal of Cochin Refineries School. One son and two daughters. Kochu Vareechen’s younger son, K V John (Kochunnuni) served with Minerals and metals. He gave a commendable service to Kudumbayogam as Secretary during his tenure. Wife is Ammini. Three daughters, Leelamma, married to Samuel, Ennaserril, Pathanamthitta, Thankachi to Aniyankunju, Kulathumon, Maramon and Kunjumol to Kunjachen, Puthenveetil, Kavanal.