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Polackal, Kochu Chacko Tharakan’ second son Thommi Chacko settled at Karimparambil. Idichandy, Geevarghese, Chackochen and Yohannan were his children. Idichandy died without children. Geevarghese married Achamma daughter of Koruth, Thekke Alumoottil, and got adapted at settled Puthenkavu. Chackochen settled at Edathua, Pandankary. Yohannan settled at Karimparambil.

Thommi Chacko’s younger son Thommi Yohannan settled at Karimparambil. Kanthamma from Manathara, Valanjavattom was wife. They had six sons, Yohannan Thommi, Chackochen, K.J George, K J Cherian, K J Abraham and two daughters named, Achiamma and Kuttiamma. Achiamma was married to P.M George, Parakaattil, Cherukol and Kuttiamma to K.M.Oommen, Cherukol.

Elderson of Yohannan Thommi settled at Karimparambil, Edathua. Aleyamma, Chackalamannil, Thumpamon was wife. They had sons, K T John, K T Koshy, Rev K T Thomas, K T Jacob and Dr K T Verghese and daughter named Kunjamma. Kunjamma was married to Thomas John, Peedikayil, Parayil. Yohannan Thommi married for a second time, but no children.
Yohannan Thommi’s elder son K T John served in Jaffna College for long. Retired as Principal and later settled at Edathua, Thuruthel. Was the President of Kudumbayogam. He loved every one and was good leader. Annamma, Inchalakodil Karavelil, Chengannoor was wife.

Yohannan Thommi’s second son, K T Koshy was in Galle and Colombo for long and settled at Manjadi, Thiruvalla. Kunjamma, Polachirackal, Thiruvalla was wife.

Rev K T Thomas, after his education at St Aloysius and MT high Schools at Edathua and UC College and graduated from American college, Madurai. Later joined Serampur Bible College and passed out BD. During 1941, he was ordained as Chemmachen by Abraham Marthoma and in 1942,ordained Priesthood from Yohannan Mar Themitheyos. During this short tenure he was a teacher and missionary in southern Travancore. On, 30th October 1942, Thomas achen, M P Mathew and John Verghese were dedicated to Asramam life by Abraham Marthoma at St Thomas church, Thiruvalla. And they went to Sihora Asramam in Madhya Pradesh. His dedication commitments, prayer and meditation life were exceptional. 1989 February 5th, early morning, he left this world. He was buried at Sihora.

Yohannan Thommis forth son, K T Jacob was a Tea maker in Kannan Devan plantations anddied at the age of 83. Ammini,Kurudamannil Eechiramannil, Ayroor was his wife. Three children, Dr Jacob Thomas, Aleyamma, Betty. Aleyamma was married to Enjalakodil Raju and Betty was married to Babuji, Meppadam. Dr Jacob Thomas, after his MBBS from Manipal, took his FRCP from England and served at Boston Lancashire. Regina, Kayyaleth, Mallapally was wife. Smita, Shuba are daughters. Smita is with Standard Chartered Bank, London. Simon, husband is with Riccardo as Senior Manager. Elizabeth is daughter. Subha is working as Australian investment banker.

Yohannan Thommis younger son Dr K T Varghese after his education from Sri Lanka did his medical education from Calcutta and London. Served with Bahrain Government and later in Kumbanad hospital and settled at Manjadi. Lily daughter of C J Thomas, Cheriyakottonil, Kozhencherry was wife.

Karimparambil, Thommi Yohannan’s younger son Chackochen married Annamma, Kunniparambil, Niranam. Son John died young.

K J George after passing BA BT was a teacher at Paravor and Kayamkulam. Retired as School inspector and settled at Pathil, Karimparambil. Kuttiamma, Kaduvettor, Cherukol was wife. Dr George John, Dr G Mathew, Captain George Thomas, George Babu were sons and Kunjamma, Achamma, Ammini, Ammukutty were daughters. Kunjamma was married to Kallelil K.C John, Achamma to A E Thomas, Angadipurath, Thalavady, Ammini to Mathai, Kodickal, Thalavady and Ammukutty was married to Dr Samuel, Kallelil, Chettikulangara.

Dr George John, son of K J George served in Tamilnadu and Kerala and later at started own hospital at Edathua. He served as Polackal Kudumbayogam President. Dr Thampi John, Rajan John, Cherian K John, Biju are sons and two daughters. Rajamma was married to Abraham Tharakan- Deputy director, central Labour Institute-, Kanjiramparambil, Haripad and Kunjumol to Punoose Verghese– Regional Manager SBI-, Kurikattil, Valanjavattom.

Dr Thampi John son of Dr George John after serving in Tanzania started a nursing home in Eraviperoor. Thankachi, Pandiyalackal, Thamaraserry was wife. Manoj, Meenu, Milly are children. Rajan John did his banking business at Peerumedu, later settled at Edathua, with a printing press. Ramani, Kalayamkerril, Kottayam is wife. Daughter Usha married Biju, Velikkakathu, Kanjirapally.

Karimparambil Dr George John’s elder son Cherian K John did hardware business at Edathua. Ramani from Chettikulangara is wife. Binoy and Vivek are sons. His younger son Thomas John an electronic engineer was working with IPA, as Branch Manager inBangalore

Dr K J George’s son, Dr George Mathew was practicing at Kunoor as dentist and later at Edathua. Saramma, daughter of P V Verghese, Powathil Kunnel, Mallapally is wife. George Mathew, John Mathew, Verghese Mathew, Thomas Mathew, Abraham Mathew are sons and Susy, Saramma and Suseela are daughters. Susy was married to Thomas Mathew, Charivupurath, Pathanapuram, Saramma to C M Mathew, Chalakuzhi, Thiruvalla and Suseela was married to Chandy George, Kathayil Changanacherry.

Elder son George Mathew studied Occupational Therapy from US. Valsamma, Kuttikattil, Mannar is wife. Mathew George son and Judy George daughter are in US. John Mathew did business in Pandalam. Suseela, Koipurath, Chathanoor is wife. Mathew John and Thomas John are sons. Third son, Verghese Mathew is settled at Bombay. Mary, daughter of Rev K A Abraham, Chudukattil, Elanthoor is wife. Sara Verghese is daughter. Thomas Mathew, forth son is in Abu Dhabi. And fifth son, Abraham Mathew, served in Malayil bank and settled in Trivandrum.

Karimparambil Captain George Thomas son of K J George was a Pilot in Indian Airlines and served at Calcutta and Bombay and later settled at Thiruvalla. Married Thankamma, daughter of T.M. Kuruvila, Thevarthundil, Thiruvalla. Georgie and Renji are sons and Beena and Reena are daughters. Beena was married to Captain Binu Jacob, Vinod Bhavan, Varikkat and Reena was married to Mohan Mathew, Thekkumkattil, Kuriyannor. Son, Georgie Thomas did his Masters in Administration and was Sales Manager to Bhadrachalam Paper Mills. Meena, daughter of Georgekutty, Chalapurath, Mulamthuruthi is wife. Thanush and Tania are children. Renji Thomas worked as Area Manager for Berger Paints. Preena, Kandathil Parungithottathil, Kollam is wife. Tharun is son and Tharika is daughter.
Babu son of K J George was a government contactor. Achamma, Nadakkavil, Thumpamon is his wife. Boban Koshy, George Babu, Koshy Jacob, and Lalan Jacob are sons and Latha is daughter. Latha was married to Monachen, Kadavil, Mavelikara. G Babu’s son Boban worked at Saudi. Kunjamma wasmarried to Koshy Chandipurath, Prakkanam. Albin is son and Beena and Savitha are daughters. G Babu’s son Koshy Babu is in Saudi and married to Ammini daughter of Abraham, Kannamparayil, Pathanamthitta. G Babu’s third son Balan Jacob is doing business in Bombay. Married to Anila daughter of Philip, Varazhikathu, Kollam. Younger son, Lalan Jacob is in Saudi. Married to Sunu, Chethipurackal, Pandankary, Edathua.

Thommi Yohannan’s forth son K J Cherian after graduating in law, was a first class magistrate in Travancore Government. Joined Kerala Government as Financial Secretary and retired as Accountant General. After retirement he settled at Edathua. Married to Achiamma, Manjallor, Vennikulam. K C John and K C John are sons and Chinnamma, Thankamma and Molly are daughters. Chinnamma was married to Abraham, Puthichita, Kumbalampoika, Thankamma to Mathew, Pandanpadavil, Valanjavattom, and Molly to Dr P A Abraham, Alexander memorial Hospital, Kumbanad. K C John died while serving as an Assistant Engineer in PWD. Kunjamma, Vadakkedath Valiyaveetil, Oomalur was wife. Son, Cherian K John, Chartered Accountant, served in Switzerland and Bahrain and settled in Trivandrum. Pamala, Muttathusseril, Idayarumula was wife. John Cherian and Johan Cherian are sons. George John, younger son of K C John, Chartered Accountant, served in Bahrain. Susan, Karuthedathu, Mavelikara is wife. Johnny George is son.
Younger son of K J Cherian, K C Eapen was superintend of A V Thomas & co- Rajagiri estate-. Wife, Kunjamma, Nellanickal, Kumarakom. Cherian K Eapen and Thomas K Eapen, John K Eapen, Eapen K Eapen are sons. Cherian K Eapen served in Doha. Sheela, daughter of Koshy John, Vadasseril, Kottayam is wife. Chinnu, Minnu are children. Thomas K Eapen, a professional engineer served with Gulf Airlines in Abu Dhabi. Sayu, daughter of P O Mathew, Parayil, Mavelikara is wife. Tharun is son and Thanu is daughter. John K Eapen is in US. Eapen K Eapen is serving with Albert Company. Jinu, Kodiyattu Maliyeckal, Thiruvalla is wife. Cherian K Eapen and Jacob K Eapen are children. He is serving as Joint Secretary of Kudumbayogam.

Thommi Yohannan’s, fifth son K J John served H&C, and settled at Kollam serving parents. Kochumariamma, Chethikkattu, Vengal, is wife.K J John, Kunjamma, Kochannamma are children. Kunjamma was married to O G Chacko, Olisserimannil, Pulimattom and Kochannamma to K E George, Kunnil, Maramon. K J John’s son did his Agricultural graduation from Allahabad University and joined Kerala Government service. Retired as Joint Director and settled at Trivandrum. Aleyamma daughter of A C Thomas, Kochu Vadakkethil, Kaduvettor is wife and retired as English Professor of Women’s college. Biju, Binu are sons and Beena is daughter. Beena is married to Regi Thomas, Thondamvelil, Thumpamon and settled at Spain. Biju served as telecommunication manager and settled in Melbourne.
Younger son of Thommi Yohannan K J Abraham was Excise Inspector. Achiamma daughter of Chackochen Thayyil, Thumpamon was wife. Dr John K Abraham, Advo. Jacob K Abraham, Thomas K Abraham are sons and Kunjujamma was daughter. Chechamma was second wife, after the death of Achiamma. No children. Kunjamma served in AGS office, Trivandrum and was unmarried. Dr John K Abraham is Ophthalmologist, served in North India and Bahrain. Saramma, daughter of T T Joseph, Pallithekkethil, Kumbanad is wife. Dr Leela and Dr Latha are daughters. Dr George Chandy, Matteethra is Leela’s husband. Ashisa is medical student. Dr Latha was married to Dr Mathew Jacob, Mangad, Pullad. Roshini and Prakash are children.

Advo Jacob K Abraham practiced in Trivandrum and is no more. Mariamma, Puthenvilayil, Anandapally is wife. She was an High School Head Mistress.Laila, Lekha, Beena are daughters. Laila was married to Mathew T George, Thungiyath, Vazhoor. Joe is son. Lekha was married to George John, Kovoor, Mavelikara and are engineers by profession. Beena, dentist, was married to Shibu Mathai, Engineer, Green cottage, Chengamanad and are at Qatar. Kripa and Arpita are children.

K J Abrahams’s younger son, Thomas K Abraham was in Nigeria and later settled at Trivandrum. Sosamma, Panackal, Thalavady is wife. Both were teachers. Abraham Thomas and Georgie are sons and Bisy is daughter. Dr Abraham Thomas is in US. Susan, daughter of K V Mathew, Valel Puthenparambil, Anaprambal is wife. Jonathan is son. Bisy is married to Santhosh Mathew, Kottanickal, Chathenkary. Thara and Divya are children. Georgie’s wife is Jenifer, three children, Rebeca, Rachel, Kaleb.