PKY/ FMs/ 005/280222. 107th Annual Meet. Date: 30th April 2022

PKY/ FMs/ 005/280222.

An Executive meeting was held on 26th Feb at the residence of Mr. Koshy John Illampallil, Edathua. It was decided in the meeting to hold our 107th Annual Meet on 30th April 2022, Saturday (1st May being a Sunday ), at ELITE International Hotel, Thiruvalla (Adjacent to KSRTC stand).  We request every member of the family to block this date and make it convenient to attend. To make this get-together a grand success, we need all of your presence. As our youth are the hope to take up responsibilities to sustain our Polackal Kudumbayogam, please make sure to attend the function. Note: Breakfast will be available from 8.00 am to 9 am. Details of the agenda and other related information will be presented soon.


Secretary Polackal Kudumbayogam

28th February 2022.

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With profound grief, we inform you the demise of Mr SAJEEV (son of late Mr George Cherian, Illampallil, Thiruvalla). today morning. Let’s uphold the bereaved family in our prayers.
Funeral details are awaited.
for, Polackal Kudumbayogam

എടത്വ:പാണ്ടങ്കരി ഊരാംവേലിൽ പരേതനായ സണ്ണിയുടെ മകൻ അനീഷ് സി. ജേക്കബ് (45) നിര്യാതനായി. സംസ്കാരം ഇന്ന് (13-05-2021)മൂന്നിന് ഇടകൊച്ചി മക്ബേല സെമിത്തേരിയിൽ.
മാതാവ്. മേരി ജേക്കബ് ഭാര്യ. ബിനി മേടയിൽ ശാലേ൦ ഹൗസ് (പാണ്ടനാട്). മകൻ. എബൻ. സഹോദരൻ . അജീഷ് സി ജേക്കബ്


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  Building up

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