Kalpurackal Branch
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Kattumbhagam, Ittimathu’s second son, Kurian settled at Kalpurackal. His only son, Mathew had four daughters, Aleyamma, Achiamma, Kunjamma, and Sosamma. Achiamma was married at Poovanveli, Niranam, Kunjamma to K.V Koshy, Kalathil and Sosamma to Cherian, Chenganoor. Aleyamma was married to Oommachan, Pandanpadavil as adaption and settled at Kalpurackal house. They had two daughters, Aleyamma and Thankamma and four sons, K O Varghese, Dr K O Mathew, Dr K O Kurian, Dr K O Oommen and K O Chacko. Son K O Varghese married Kochumariamma, Pulikkatra, Maliyil. K V Oommen and Rev George Verghese are sons. After death of Kochumariamma, he married Mariamma, Meppadam. Leelamma and Susamma are daughters and son is K V Mathew.

K V Oommen married, Kochumariamma, Villineth, Cherukol. Molly and Moni are daughters and George and Mathew are sons. Second son of K O Varghese, Rev George Varghese married Ammini daughter of Rev T N Koshy, Kumbakkattu. Vinod and Valsala are children. Third son of K O Varghese, K V Mathew married Molly, from Karthikapally. Son Reni and daughter Mini.

Elder daughter of K O Varghese, Leelamma was married to Samuel of Puthenvelil, Adoor. Second daughter, Susi to Baby, Kanjikuzhy, Aleyammas second son K O Mathew served Madurai Mission Hospital and settled at Edathua.Kunjamma, Thazhathillathu, Pallickal is wife. Dr K T Mathew and Bessy are children. Bessy married to Thampi, Panchiyil, Thiruvalla. Dr K T Mathew was with Pathology department at Trivandrum Medical College and Principal at Alleppy Medical College. Later, settled at Trivandrum. Molly, daughter of C I Abraham, Mulamoottil, Trivandrum is wife. Rekha is daughter and Vinod, Dilip, Salim are sons.

Aleyamma’s third son Dr K O Kurian served at Madurai mission hospital and settled at Pullad. Sosamma, Vadakkedath, Kuriyannor is wife. Jessy and Dr Mary are daughters and son, Thomas Kurian,an engineer.Jessy was married to Rev Thomas Varghese and Dr Mary to K Y John, Peedikayil, Kottarakara. Thomas Kurian, Susan and Mariam are children. Aleyamma’s forth son Dr K O Oommen married Saramma from Kovoor family. Dr Shiela and Dr Shaji are children. Aleyamma’s fifth son Dr K O Chacko married Mariamma from Kuriyannor. Lily, Susi, Marykutty and Thankachi are daughters and Thomas K Jacob, George K Jacob, and Jacob K Jacob are sons. Lilly was married to Viswanathan, Susy to Kunjachen, Kumarakom and Marykutty at Kaviyoor.Thomas K Jacob is an employee with Central Bank of India and married to Saramma, Thiruvalla. Binu and Bindu are daughters.

K O Chacko’s second son George K Jacob married Mary, Chathanattu, Kallopara. Jabin and Jijin are sons. K O Chacko’s third son married Smitha, Padinjarekuttiyil, Anikkattu. Both of them were in Bhopal, Jerry is son and Jenifer is daughter.