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Ittimathu second son of Polackal Chacko had four sons, Kattumbhagam Cherian, Kalpurackal Kurian, Kattumbhagam Kurian and Chackalackal Mathew.

Elder son, Cherian stayed at Kattumbhagam and married from Kottayam Velur. He had five sons, Kakkadampallil Iduculla, Puthenmadom Chacko, Puthenparambil Kurian, Kattumbhagam Chandapillai and Kattumbhagam Cherian. Iduculla stayed at Kakkadampallil and two sons, Iduculla and Chacko. Iduculla had one son Mathew. Mathukutty’s son K M Abraham and his wife was Pappamma. One son Arun. Iduculla’s son Chacko had one daughter, Kunjaccamma. Kattumbhagam Cherian’s second son stayed at Puthenmadom. Shanthamma, Pantheeruparayil Niranam was wife. Mariamma and Sosamma are daughters and son, Chacko Cherian. Mariamma was married to Chackochen, Kottayil, Meppadam and Sosamma was married to Thomachan, Kattunilathu, Niranam.

Cherian, son of Puthenmadom Chackochen married Annamma,Thekkinpurayil, Kallunkal. They had daughters Kunjamma, Chinnamma, Marykutty and sons, P.C Chacko (Baby) and P C Mathukutty. Kunjamma (Saramma) was married to T K Verghese, Karayath, Thumpamon and Chinnamma was married to A B Varkey and Marykutty to Thomas Joy, Changeth, Kodukulanji.

P C Chacko, son of Puthenmadom Chacko Cherian retired as officer in Travancore cements and settled at Nattakom. Gracy, Puliyerimannil, Maramon was wife. Annie and Achamma are daughters and son was Biju. Annie was married to Robin Mathew, Memadathil, Karackal and Achamma to Iype Mathew, Olassa. Son Jacob P C Cherian married Kunjujamma, Munjanattu, Karuvatta.

P C Mathukutty, son of Puthenmadom Chacko Cherian was a spiritual speaker in Marthoma Sabha and travelled India and abroad. First wife was from Thumboly Raha family. Jolly and Shirley are daughters and Sam Cherian was son. Jolly was married to K P Abraham, Karavelil, Thalavady and Shirley to George Mathew, Puthenveetil. Second wife was Amminikutty, Kelaparambil, Niranam. They had daughters Kunjumol and Achamol and son Jacob Mathew. Kunjumol was married to Rev P P Kuruvila and Achamol to Rev V T Yesudas, Grace House, Karunagapally. Son was abroad. Daisy, Kottarathil, Manganam is wife. Sajin Mathew Cherian is son. Jacob Mathew, younger son is abroad. Binukutty, Palakuzhiyil, Kalayapuram is wife. Justin Mathew Cherian is son.

Kurian Puthenparambil, third son Cherian settled at Puthenparambil. Aleyamma, Kalathil, Thalavady is wife. Aleyamma, Achamma, Kochachi, Mariamma are daughters. Cherian Kurian, K K Abraham, Chandapillai Kurian are sons. Aleyamma was married to Thomas, Kelaparambil, Niranam, Achamma to Itticherian Koshy, Perumpallil, Karuvatta, Kochachi to Kurian, Kattunilathu, Niranam and Mariamma was married to Oommen, Kozhimannil, Karuvatta.
Cherian Kurian, elder son of Kurian stayed at Puthenparambil. Aleyamma, Pynumoottil, Thiruvalla is wife. Aleyamma, Achamma, Mariamma are daughters and P.C.Kurian is son. Aleyamma was married to Geevarghese, Nedugnott, Karthikapally and Achamma to Varkey, Munduvelil, Cherukol and Mariamma to Kattunilathu;Niranam C Kurian served as a senior officer in Government and settledat Kattumbhagam. Mariamma, Kalpurackal, Karuvatta was wife. Aleyamma, Annamma, Mariyakutty, Sosamma are daughters. P.K Cherian and Thampi Kurian are sons. Aleyamma was married to Ninan Koshy, Trivandrum, Annamma to MVarkey, Mariyakutty to Thomachan and Sosamma was married to Georgekutty, Manappurathu, and Neerettupuram.

P K Cherian served with Birla textiles for long and settled at Kattumbhagam. Mariyakutty daughter of K T Cherian, Kunthirickal, Thalavady was wife. Mini and Nidhi are daughters and, Mini was married to Prakash John Mathew, Kandamthottinkara, Piravaom, and employed in Doha. Anup Verghese Prakash and Anup Cherian Verghese are children. Nidhi was married to Alexander Mathew, Cheruthottathil, Kozhencherry andemployed at Muscat. AaronAlexander Mathew is son.

Second son Thampi Kurian, served with State Bank of Travancore and settled at Kattumbhagam and later was advisor to many organizations. He was the trustee for Polackal Kudumbayogam.Amminikutty daughter of Prof C G Abraham, Chakkutharayil, Kozhencherry was wife. Mariamma, Elizabeth and Kurianare children. Mariamma was married to Koshy Abraham, Anjilimoottil,Eraviperoor, Elizabeth to George Mathew, (FACT, Alwaye), Chencheril Plavilaveetil, Ayoor. Son, Kurian Abraham, served with Samkhi filament factory.

K K Abraham son of Kuriyachen settled at Kattumbhagam after serving PWD. Chinnamma was first wife. Twodaughters, Aleyamma and Dotti. Aleyamma was married to Poyyanil, Kozhencherry and Dotti to Rev C T Thomas, Cherickal, Pallom.Second wife Achamma was from Panickerveeetil, Karackal. Threesons, K A Abraham, K A Cherian, Kurian Abraham and a daughter, Susi, married to, Georgekutty, Kallil, Kuzhikkala.

K A Abraham worked in UC College after postgrauating in Zoology. KA Cherian retired as Deputy General Manager of Shipyard and settled in Cochin. Lillykutty, wife served in Maharajas College. Dr Abraham Cherian is son and daughter Susan, married to Dr Asok Zachariah Kangalil, Kayamkulam. KurianAbraham younger son was ateacher with CMS High School and settled at Edathua. He was the President of Kudumbayogam. Kunjamma, Kochalumpalackal, Arattupuzha was wife and was Edathua Panchayat member. Aby and Mini are children. Mini was married to KT Jacob, Varuthikattil. Joyce, daughter of P C Philip Pallikkaparambil, Mallapally is Abys wife. Abel and Alisha are children.

P C Kurian son of Chandapillai Kurian settled at Bangalore. Kunjamma, Manjallor, Kuriyannor is wife. Raji, Mariamma are daughter and K Chandapillai and K Verghese are sons. Son of P C Kurian settled at Edathua and married Leela, Karukayil Edthaua. Their daughter is Chritra Elizabeth Chandapilailli. P C Cherian second son of PC Kurian was production engineer of HAAL, Bangalore. Susamma, Pathnapuram is wife. Elizabeth Cherian, Shoba Cherian, Suja Cherian are daughters. Alexander Cherian is son. Elizabeth was nursing college Principal in Bangalore and Shoba Cherian was a scientist in agriculture and Suja Cherian was Bed.Alexander Cherian was an engineer.

Chandapilai Kattumbhagam, son of Cherian settled was public personality. Aleyamma, Pullavallil was wife.KCCherian, K C Joshua, K C Mathew Tharakan and sons and one daughter, Aleyamma married to Polachirackal family. K C Cherian was an Ayurveda expert and married Annamma, Ambrayil, Thalavady. K C Chandapillai and K CAbrahamare sons and daughter Kunjannamma was married to Itty Jacob Pallikkaparambil, Thiruvalla. KC Chandapillai served with national Quilon bank, bank of India and forward bank and settled at Trivandrum. Annamma, Kandathil, Nellad, Vallomkulam was wife. Gracy and Molly are daughters. CherianAlexander is son. Molly was married T O Jacob Randupurackal and Gracy to Ittyavara Thomas, Puthusseril, Mullackal. K C Alexander only son of K C Chandapilai served as Manager in NOCIL and married, Molly, Plathottam, Kuriyannor. Son Alex Cherian is working with IT field in Bombay and Nova is son.
Vaidyan K C Cherian’s second son, K C Abraham, was in Sri Lanka as teacher and Principal. Later joined with TMT corporate management and St Thomas training Centre. Later, was the professor with Chenganoor Marthoma College and settled at Thiruvalla. Was a good orator and organizer. He served as the trustee of Polackal Kudumbayogam and as executive member. Susan, daughter of T Philip, Nedungod, Karthikapally was wife. Kusum and Shiela are daughters.
Kusum was a Gynochologist and married P.C Itty, Perangad, Kozhuvallor. Dr Smita and Neetha are children and Amit is son. Smita was married to Dr Soni Thomas, Valiyaveetil, Kumbazha and Amit married, Dr Misi, Jnunickal Elanthoor. Ezekiel and Nathaniel, Immanuel are sons. Younger daughter Dr Shiela Elizabeth was department head of Marthoma College in English. Executive member of Kudumbayogam. P C Mathew, an Electric Engineer, Perumbulicattu, Thiruvalla is husband. Daughter Ashita – Engineer-is married to Santhosh Thomas, – engineer-IBM, Chennai. Son, Dr Anoop is serving as research scientist after passing MS and PhD. His wife, Theju PhD and fellow, is daughter of Dr Jacob Philip, Kuzhalanattu, Muvattupuzha serving in US.

K C Joshua son of Chandapillai was a known judge, after completing graduation and law. He started his career in Madras and later as the Munsif Judge and District judge in Travancore government. He has written a book for Sabha titled, ‘Palli karma pusthakam”. Susan daughter of Pathil, Aymanam is wife and wrote a book titled ‘Madras’. Alexander and Joshua are sons. Daughter Baby was married to J P John, Kottayil, Niranam, Kunjujamma to George Pulimood, Pulimood, Thankamma to K C John, Kulathungal, Kozhencherry. Second daughter was the acting principal of Queens Mary College and unmarried. Mary younger daughter died young.

Alexander elder son of Joshua, after completing Masters from university of Wales, served with Government of India in gazette rank. After retirement he served as the Deputy Director of Institute of Developmental Studies in Adayar. His book is titled ‘Primary education and illiteracy in Tamilnadu.’ Kunjamma, daughter of Cheeran Verghese, Madras is wife. Susan is daughter and two sons, Joshua and Verghese. Second son was a teacher in Madras and was versatile in Music. Susan Poothiyottu, Mepral is wife and has a daughter Marian and Susan are children. Joshua, younger son of K C Joshua was a computer advisor, UK with his German wife Helan. Simon, Michel are children.

K C Mathew, younger son of Kattumbhagam Chandapillai is a trained dentist. Aleyamma, Chirackal, Kannattuparambil is wife. Two daughters Alice and Kunjujamma and two sons, Alex and George Tharakan. Alice was unmarried and was a teacher with Nicholson. Susan was married to Thomas Eapen, Manipparambil, Niranam. Susan served as the secretary of YWCA, Vellore. Son Alex served with H&C.

George Tharakan, younger son of George Tharakan, served as dentist in Edathua. Mariamma, Nanamvelil, Nedumpram is wife. Biji and Jem are daughters and K G Mathew Tharakan and K G Joseph Tharakan are sons. Biji was married to Joy Mathai, Punchamannil, Pandanad and Jem to Cherian T George,Edanadu. Elder son Joseph Tharakan is an engineer. Mathew Tharakan is in US and Jensi, Maliyeckal, Vellaikara is wife. Linsa and Linda are daughters.
Cherian Kattumbhagam, fifth son of Cherian stayed Kattumbhagam. Kunjeliyamma, Accamama and Mariamma are daughters.Kunjeliyamma was married to Nedungod, Karthikapally and got adapted. Daughter, Baby was married to T J Thomas, Thundathil, Kottayam. Son, Alexander married Sosamma from Mavelikara and served with Telephones and settled at Mavelikara. They have sons, Jacob Alexander, Oommen Alexander, Oommen Alexander and Verghese Alexander. Jacob Alexander was a teacher in Karthikapally,Oommen Alexander as teacher in Africa,Oommen Alexander was at home native and Verghese Alexander was with ISRO and later settled at Trivandrum.

Kunjaccamma second daughter of Cherian Kattumbhagam was married to K.Verghese, Valiyaveetil, Mavelikara. Their son, Verghese Kurian worked with telephones. Elder daughter was married to P John, Valiyatharayil, Chettikulangara. And second daughter Annie was married to Verghese, Vizhavil Niranam.

Cherian’s younger daughter, Mariamma was married to Geevarghese, Nedungod and got adapted. Three sons and three daughters. Alexander Verghese, married Molly, Kaduvettor, Chenganoor, and settled at Bangalore. Three daughters, Bindu, Thushara, Deepa. Only son, Cherian Verghese, retired as Deputy Chief Engineer, KSEB and settled at Trivandrum. Elsa, Kozhimannil, Karackal is wife. Vinu Cherian married Sneha, Puliyelil, Maramon and Tinu Cherian was married to Eapen Thomas, Kuttiparambil. Third son Dr Daniel Verghese settled at UK and married Leela, daughter of Dr Valyath Dr Mathews, Pandanpadavil. Dr Rekha, daughter, is with her husband Dr Alexander in US.
Kattumbhagam, Iduculla stayed at family house in Kattumbhagam,