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Ooramvelil Oommen married and adapted to Moolamannil family had four children. Elder son Rev M.O Koshy was an eminent priest in Marthoma sabha for his laudable and authentic Christian life. His wife Elizabeth was from Mavelikara. They have four sons and seven daughters.

Elder son K.M.Oommen served with fisheries department. Thankamma was wife. They have two have sons and one daughter. Elder son Dr M O Koshy served as the Vice Chancellor of Cannanore University. Wife, Elizabeth was Head Mistress at MT High School. Tina and Bava are daughters.

Koshy achen’s second son was a dentist. Wife Saramma was a gold medalist, gynecologist and they have a son and a daughter. Daughter, Alice married to George Verghese. Rajan and Raji are children. Son, Dr M.J.Koshy is serving as a gynecologist at TMM hospital at Thiruvalla. Wife, Ramani, Anesthetist was Cheruvattolil family member. Elder son Ivan is an anesthetist with Believers hospital and wife, Anu is a gynecologist and they have one son. Second son, Alwyn Koshy is with IBM, Chennai and Nicky Susan is wife.

Koshy achen’s third son, M.O.Koshy was at Sri Lanka and Borneo. Wife, Kunjamma and they had three sons and three daughters. Elsie, Kumari, and Shoba are married. Elder son worked with nursing department. Wife, Kunjumol was a social worker. Baby was in Canada and wife is Nadia. Son, Dilip is in Canada and wife is Farhana.
Koshy achen’s youngest son, M.K.Manuel was a civil engineer and his wifeis Kunjumol. Subu and Subin are children.
His brother, Dr M O Chacko, served in Sri Lanka for long and returned to settle at Chennai and died there. Third son died while he was in US. Forth son was a dentist and served at Masilipattanam.

Koshy achen’s daughter Mariamma was married to Thomas at Kaiyalickal, Illavumthitta. Three sons and five daughters. Koshy achen’s daughter Annamma was married to Koshy, at Pallom. Another daughter Achiamma was married to Mathew, Valiyaveetil, Nellad. Daughter Saramma’s husband was Samuel. Daughter Aleyamma was married to Joy from Kottayam and they have three children. And Accamma’s was married to Jacob and have one son and a daughter. Rahelamma’s husband was C.M.Mathew, Chackayil and has four children.

Oomachen’s second son, Dr M O Chacko’s wife was Sosamma. Two sons and three daughters. Elder son M.C.Oommen’s wife was Aleyamma. Their elder son M O Chacko is settled at Chennai and is professionally qualified in Printing technology. Santha is wife and Elizabeth and Sunil are children. M.O Roy second son, a Textile Engineer is at Malawi. Molly is wife and Rohan and Resma are children. M.O.Thomas is at Qatar after passing Mechanical Engineering and Suseela is wife. Vinu and Vijay are children. M O Koshy, Catering professional is working with Taj. Wife Susan and Santhosh and Shobana are children. Maria is the wife of M O Mathew and is working at Canada. Praveen, Preena are children. M O Chacko’s younger son Jacob Mathew‘s wife is Mary. Three sons. Three daughters of Dr M O Chacko are married.

Oomachen’s youngest son’s wife is Achiamma. Two sons and two daughters. Son, Dr Cherian Thomas’s wife is Dr Mary. Three sons. Dr Aniyan Cherian is a dentist and wife is Kunjumol and two daughters. Daughter Marykutty’s husband is Baby and Ramani’s is Mon.

Oomachen’s daughter Aleyamma’s husband is K Mathew. Dr Sosamma Philip, MRCP, is married to V M Philip son of Rev P V Mammachan. Anne Joshua and Thomas Philip are sons.