Polackal Family History till today
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Ooramvelil Branch
The elder son of Mr. Tharakan, Mr. Cherian who stayed at Ooramvelil was a government servant. He married from Mepral Poothiyottu family. They have two sons, Ooramvelil Chacko and Ooramvelil Cherian. Chacko married from Valanjavattom Pandanpadavil. Chacko Cherian, Chacko Oommen, Chacko Varghese, Kochupennu, Chacko Abraham, Chacko John were their children. Chacko Cherian settled at Puthenpura, second one, Chacko Oommen was adapted to Moolamannil family at Karackal. Third one at settled at Kizhakke Ooramvelil, forth one at Kalathil and last one at the family house.
Chacko Cherian, who stayed at Puthenpura, was well known for a social activist. Whenever there were crisis in the Anaparampal congregation, he helped to solve them amicably. His wife Kunjamma was from Kurudamannil Ayroor. O.C.Chacko, O.C.Abraham, O C Varghese, K.M.Oommen, O.C.Zacharia were his sons and Sosamma, Mariamma, Kunjannamma, Kochayiamma were his daughters. Sosamma was married to Adv. P J John, Panampunna, Kottayam. Kochayiamma was married to C M Mathew, Chackalamannil, Thumpamon and Kunjannamma was married to Appy Muthalaly, Malayil, Kallada. Mariamma died at her young age.
O C Chacko, eldest son of Chacko Cherian, married from Manjadivilakom, Uliyanadu, Chathannoor and was known as Edathua Muthalaly. Jacob Cherian and Jacob George were his sons. His second marriage was from Chengannur. Chinnamma, Saramma and Rosamma were his daughters. Chinnamma was married at Karunagapally and Rosamma at Chathannoor and Saramma at Kulathupuzha. Jacob Cherian was at Singapore and his wife Aleykutty was from Pullad. Later he served as Superintendent of Salem Marthoma Bhavan, Thiruvalla. Jacob George was also in Singapore and he got married from Tamilnadu.
O.C. Abraham, second son of Chacko Cherian married to Annamma, Panampunna, Kottayam. A Cherian and Thomas Abraham were their sons and Kochubaby, Ammukutty and Thankamma were their daughters. Kochubaby was married at Kanjirathumannil, Mallapally and Ammukutty at Parakkamannil, Maramon, and Thankamma at Thirumoolapuram, Nenthrathu.
A Cherian, elder son of O C Abraham served as a manager with State Bank. Saramma from Ellumkala was his wife. Abraham Cherian was his son and Molleykutty and Sicykutty were his daughters. Molleykutty was married to Prof Sam Philip son of Rev K P Philip of Mundappally, Thiruvalla. Sicykutty was married to George Mathew son of Dr Pothen George, Karakkattu, Kaviyoor.
Engineer Abraham Cherian son of A Cherian was the Deputy General Manager of Malsiyafed. Suja daughter of P T Thomas, Parakkal, Maramon is his wife. She is an officer in Kerala University. Joshen Cherian Abraham and Roshen Thomas Abraham are their children.
Thomas Abraham, second son of O C Abraham served with H&C. Sucy, Thondapurathu, Thevalakara was his wife. Abraham Thomas is their son and Renu, Reena and Rani are his daughters. Renu is married to Dr C T Mathew, Chalukunnel, Trivandrum, Reena married to John Thomas and Reena was married to John Thomas, Vattaparambil, Thiruvalla and Rani to Thomas George, Chembothra, Ayroor. Abraham Thomas is and advocate in Trivandrum. He married Shoba, Althara, Nandancode. Daughter Susan is marired to Vipin Samuel Alex, Thegazhikathu, Kundara. Daughter is Amelia Anna Alex.
Cherian’s elder son, O C Varghese married Mariamma from Ettupallil family, Chengannur. They have two sons, O V Cherian and Varghese Zacharia and Grace is their daughter. Later O C Varghese married to Thankamma from Aviottu family, Kottarakara. O V John, Thomas Varghese, George Varghese are their sons. Sucy and Ammini were their daughters. Grace was married at Vennikulam. O V Cherian served with Bombay Postal department and Mariamma from Aikarethu, Ayroor was his wife. O C Varghese, Simon Cherian, O C Cherian, Zacharia Cherian are their children. O C Varghese was Inspector of Police in Bombay. Beena, Pazhangeril, Niranam was his wife. They have two children, Sherry and Sheeba. Simon Varghese married to Molley from Thekkekuttu, Vakathanam. They have two children, Jaison and Joyce. O C Cherian was the area manager for a Pharmaceutical industry in Bombay. Regi (Bank of Maharashtra) from Vazhapallil, Niranam is his wife. Their daughter is Saksha. Zachariah Cherian, worked with Police department, Plamoottil Priya was his wife. Varghese Zachariah worked with postal department. Molly from Thondapurathu, Thevalakara was his wife. Their children are Joyce, Rajani and Raji.
O V John son of O C Varghese worked with Northern Coalfield as Deputy Chief Engineer. Their children are Sajan and Lisha. Sajan is in England and Lisha married from Vazhaparambil Kottayam. Thomas Varghese, second son married Sosamma from Vengal family, Nedumpram. Leena and Leeba are their children. George Varghese, third son worked with coalfield. Mariyakutty from Kattunilathu, Mulakkuzha is his wife. Daughter Linu is an engineer and married at Palghat. Son Lijo is in Ludhiana.
Ooramvelil Chacko Cherian’s son O C Oommen worked as a Head Master in Vadasserikkara English School. Aleykutty from Thazhathillathu is his wife. Zachariah Oommen, Mathew Oommen, Lizy and Kunjannamma are their children Zacharia Oommen worked in English High School, Vadasserikkara. His wife Kunjumol was a teacher. Mathew Oommen worked with fisheries in Gujarat. His wife is Omana. Dileep and Reena are their children. Lizy was married at Poovathoor, Chengannur and Kunjannamma was married at Panikkantedathu, Pathanamthitta.
Fourth son of Chacko, Cherian Zechariah served as a District Agricultural in the Kerala Government and settled at Mavelikkara Alummool. His wife Saramma is from Nedungadapallil, Mavelikkara. P. Cherian John and Zechariah are his two children. P. Cherian settled at Thiruvananthapuram. Susan, Vazhapallil, Niranam is his wife. Zachariah Cherian is their son and Dr. Sara and Dr. Anna are daughters. Sara is married at Theyilapuram and Anna to Cheriyanadu.. Zachariah Cherian B.Tech is employed at Germany.
Chacko’s second son Oommachan married to Mariamma, daughter of Koshy Moolamannil and adapted there and Achiamma settled in Karackal and thus originated, the family branch Moolamannil.
Chacko Geevarghese is the third son of Chacko, who settled down at Kizhakke Ooramvelil. His first wife was Aleyamma, and daughter of Thomas, Peedikeckal Vadasserikkara. Thomas Varghese and OV Zechariah are two sons, Aleyamma and Mariamma are daughters. Aleyamma was married at Cherivattol, Nedupayar and Mariamma was married to Chacko at Ayroor, Kurudamannil. After the death of Aleyamma, he married Mariamma of Mundapallil, Thiruvalla. O.V. Chacko and George Varghese were two sons and Saramma, Chinnamma, Sosamma, Kunjamma and Ammini were daughters. Saramma was married at Konthattu Vadakkethil, Chinnamma as at Pynumoottil, Mavelikara, Sosamma at Salem, and Ammini at Pulimattathu. Kunjujamma died young.
Thomas Varghese, son of Chacko Varghese, was a dentist and a prominent businessman in Karaikudi. His wife, Aleyamma was from Chavakkad at Anthikkad. Varghese Thomas O.T. Thomas, O. T John are his three sons and, Annie, Baby, Lily Thankachi, Mary and Bessy are his six daughters. The eldest daughter, Annie, is a PhD holder and married to Brigadier, Samuel Jacob from Thalavady. The second daughter, Baby was married to Rev. K.M.George, Niranam. Baby was well employed with Central government Secretariat. The third daughter of Dr. Elizabeth Thomas was a dentist at Karaikudi. Lily was unmarried, and fourth daughter, Mary was married to Major. A.C.Mathew. Bessy was married at in Trichinapalli.
Elder son of Thomas Varghese practiced as a homeopathic doctor in Karaikudi. Sara his wife was from Chitethparaveettil, Kolencherry. Thomas Varghese and Mary Varghese are their children.
Lally is the wife of O.T. Thomas. Mickey is the only daughter. O.T. John became a lecturer at Alagappa College, Karaikudi. Premalatha, wife is from Nagercoil and employed with SBT. They have two sons, Samuel and Stephen, and a daughter, Sharon.
O.V.Zacharia, second son of Chacko Varghese is the owner of famous Indira Medicals in Karaikudi. His wife is Mariamma from Mallappally, Palluvankal. Their only daughter is Dr. Indira. She is married to Dr. Frederick John, a native of Bangalore and had a hospital in Karaikudi. Their daughters are Dr. Geetha John, Dr. Preetha John and Dr. Amrita John.
Chacko Varghese’s third son (second marriage) Chacko (Kochukutty) was an avid farmer and public servant. Wife Kunjamma is from Kaiyur, Thiruvalla. Jacob Varghese, C. Jacob, (Sunny), C. Thomas, Jacob Simon, John Jacob are sons. They have two daughters, Molly and Susy. The eldest daughter, Molly, was married to Vattasseril Joseph George (Manager, SBI) and second daughter Susy was married to Zachariah P Abraham at Kottayam, Mooledampully. Jacob Varghese worked as a senior Engineer, with Indian Railways and settled at Mumbai. Lissy his wife is from Pazhavumalil, Thalavady and worked as a teacher in Bombay. Job, (Engineer), Dr. Joshi are their sons. Joby’s wife, Asha is working with British Airlines. Dr. Joshi’s wife, Dr. Mary George is a college teacher. They have a son.
Second son, C. Jacob was with KSEB. His wife, Thankamma is from Kottarakara Aviottu. Aneesh and Ajeesh are two sons. They are married. Aneesh wife is Beni and they have a son. Ajeesh, wife is Cine and they have one daughter and one son. C.Jacob served as our Kudumbayogam Secretary and is no more. O.V. Chacko’s third son, C. Thomas, passed a course in textile technology and worked in Bombay. His wife is Sujatha from Palakunnath Maramon. Anna and Anand are their children; Jacob Simon served in the Muscat Ministry. Wife, Lizzie is from Muthupallil, Niranam. Two sons, Alex and Anil.
John Jacob the fifth son was in Saudi Arabia. Wife, Betty is from Mangalasseril, Nangyarkulangara. He was a Panchayat member and is active in politics and social work. She served as a Headmistress. They have a son, Jerry and daughter Dr. Jasmine Ann John – Aster Pharmacy, Dubai- is married to Ashish Mobin Babu, Engineer, Adichillathu Tharayil, Cherukole. He is working as Quality Controller in Sharjah.
The fourth son of Chacko Varghese served in Kerala Minerals. He was the Vice President and Secretary of the Kudumba yogam. Rebecca from Thevalakara Thondupuram was his wife. Varghese George, Alexander George, Thomas George, and Saji George are their sons and Indira is daughter. Indira married to A.K. Abraham’s, son Prakash (Federal Bank) of Ambrayil, Thalavady.
The eldest son of George Varghese was a teacher with Thevalakara High School, Gracy, from Kollapally, Nellad is his wife and was a school teacher. Son is Praveen and Ragi and Ramya are daughters. George Varghese’s second son Alexander George was with Kerala Government as an Additional Secretary. Kumari, daughter of K.M.Mathew, Kuzhikandathil, Piravaom was his wife and worked with Account Audit Office. Their son George married to Sarah George and second son, Mathew Alex married Jenny Mariam Mathew. Children are Elsa Mary Mathew and Mia Sarah Mathew. George Varghese’s third son is an officer in the Central Secretariat of Delhi. Wife Gracy is the daughter of Yohannan, Thekkevila, Mukhathala and served at Central secretariat as an officer. Son is Dilip and daughter is Deepa.
Saji George fourth son of George Varghese’s was a Deputy Manager with Marthoma Sabha office at Thiruvalla. He is the present Secretary of the Kudumba Yogam with commendable service. Wife Omana is from Vanpallil, Chennamari. She served as a teacher with TMTHS, Thalavady. Their son is Austin and daughter, Soncy, a nursing professional is married to Rev. Benin Sam Thomas. They have a daughter.
Ooramvelil Chacko’s fourth son Chacko Abraham settled at Ooramvelil Kalathil. Wife Aliyamma was from Varikkalathil, Edathua. They have four sons, Chackochan, Kariyachan, Oommachan, Kunjukunju and two daughters, Chinnamma and Annamma. Chacko was the eldest son of Chacko Abraham died before marriage. O.C. Zacharia, second son alias Kariyachan, was employed with Government Service in Jabalpur. He took his Diploma from Indian Diary, but died before marriage. After serving in the military, the third son Oommachan settled at Kalathil. Wife, Saramma is from Nediyakala, Ayroor. They have four sons, Abraham Oommen, Philip Oommen, Jacob Oommen and Zachariah Oommen. Abraham Oommen settled in America. Kunjamma from Pazhampallil Kunnanthanam is wife. Pyaari, Pleasant and Pushpa are children. Oommen’s second son Philip Oommen settled in the US. Lillykutty from Valiyakalayil, Ayroor is wife. They also have a daughter, Soma. Oommen’s third son, Jacob Oommen, is a permanent resident of the United States. Thankamma from Keezhamcheril Vechuchira is wife. They have a son named Saji. Zachariah Oommen, the fourth son of Oommen Abraham, is a permanent resident of the United States. Jolly, daughter of Ayekkara Chandy, Kanam is wife. They have two children: Bijo and Lijo.
Fourth son of Chacko Abraham, K.A. Abraham (Kunjukunju) living at Kalathil. His wife is Kunjamma, from Thundyil, Niranam. K.A.Abraham, K.A.Varghese, K.A.Cherian are sons and Kunjumol, Lissy and Mani are daughters. The eldest daughter Kunjumol was married to T.E. Abraham, Thoppil Thiruvalla and Lissy to Oommen Daniel, Vadakkemuriyal Puthenveetil, Puliyoor Chengannur and Mani was married to Kuruvilla, Kunnanthanam. K.A. Abraham’s son KA Abraham (Babu) is with Indira medicals, Karaikudi. Wife Jolly is from Ambrayil, Thalavady. Two daughters, Jean and Jenna. The second son of K. Abraham, K.A. Varghese settled in England. Molly is his wife. Monisha and Monish are children. K. Abraham’s third son, K.A. Cherian was a senior officer with Construction Corporation. Sheila his wife is from Parthaserril, Thalavady, serves as the Headmistress St. Thomas School, Thalavady. Ashley is married to Shibin, an Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer, Karakkattu Mandiram, Eraviperoor. Alisha is second daughter.
Chacko Cherian’s fifth son Chacko John lives settled at family house. Wife Mariamma is from Sankaramangalam, Iraviperoor. Two sons: Jacob John and Thomas John. Eli John and Thankamma are daughters. Thangamma was married to V.I. Abraham at Velliampallil, Mallapally. Chacko John’s eldest son Jacob John worked at Forward Bank. Thankachi from Kurudamannil, Ayroor was wife. He has a son, John Jacob and a daughter named Mariamma was married to Dr. A.I.George, Aluvila, Chathanoor. Jacob John’s son, John Jacob, was in Muscat and later settled at Thalavady. His wife Kunjanamma is from Kunnamkod, Chathannoor. Jacob J Ooramvelil and Koshy J Ooramvelil are sons. Jacob married Viola. Jonathan and Jessie are children. Koshy married, Sterly Joseph. Ann Koshy is their daughter.
Thomas John, second son of Chacko John, worked with State Bank of Travancore. He retired as a senior manager and settled at Edathua. Shyamala, daughter of Tahasildar T.K.Chandy, Thondappuram Thevalakkara, is his wife. Reji Thomas is son, Suja and Reeja are daughters. Suja was married to Abraham Appakott, Mallappally and Reeja was married to K.C.Abraham of Mulamoottil, Nedumpuram Regi married to Anna Daniel of Ponvanibam, Kayamkulam. Riana, Ankit, Thomas John and John are children.
Of the two children of Ooramvelil Cherian, Chacko and Cherian, Cherian settled at Edathua, near Padavupurackal. He married Aliyamma of Karukayil, Thundyil. Cherian’s eldest son Androchan (O.C.Andrews) and younger son Chackochan (O.C.Chacko) settled there as neighbours. Their brother O.C.Cherian died early and Mariamma was their only sister.
Androchan married Annamma from Kovoor family in Thiruvalla. Andrews had four sons. Elder son was Cherian Andrews, followed by Chandy Andrews, C.P Andrews, and George P Andrews. Their sisters were, Aleyamma, Sosamma and Marykutty. The eldest daughter, Aleyamma, was married by Dr. Jacob of Plamoottil, Sosamma was married to Rev MC Chacko, Modayil, Mallapally and Mariyakutty was married by Zachariah of Mammottil.
Cherian Andrews, a lawyer by profession practiced at Thiruvalla. Also was the President of Polackal Kudumba Yogam. Wife Mariamma was the daughter of Thazhathillathu Jacob Kathanar. Thampi, Chackochan, Babu, Podiyan, Chandikunju, Thommachan are sons and Ammukkutty, Sosamma, Kunjamma and Thankamma are daughters. Thommachan settled in the family farm. The other five engaged in various jobs. Ammukutty was married to K J Thomas of Kollamparambil, Arattupuzha, Sosamma was married to A.K George, Irampallil, Kallopara, Kunjamma was married to Verghese, Churackal, Othara and Thangamma was married to Mammachan, Palakkal Arattupuzha.
Cherian Andrews’ eldest son P C Andrews (Thampi) served at Bombay Naval Dockyard and settled at Bombay. Wife Pennamma is from Edavamvelil, Venmani. They have three children, Sunny, Aniyan and Babu and two daughters, Omana and Annie. Omana was married to Biju Jacob, Mathumannil, Oomalur. Their second daughter, Annie, was married to Prashant, Mambrakuzhi, Thalassery. Annie worked with State Bank of India.
Sunny Andrews worked with State Bank of India, as Manager. He married Mary, native of Goa. Natasha and Natalia have two daughters. His second son is Aniyan and died while serving in State Bank of India. Third son, Babu, worked in Bombay. Wife, Prameela is a native of Bombay. Their son is son Roy.
Cherian Andrews’ second son PC Chacko served with Air Force. After service, he settled in Thiruvalla. Wife is Lily Andrews. Chacko, Mariamma and Sosamma are his children. Mariamma was married to Yesudas, Vadakkedathuparambil, Pulikeezhu and his second daughter Sosamma was married to George, Chembolil, Mepral. His son George was also married. His son Andrews Chacko worked in Muscat.
Cherian Andrews third son, PC Cherian died at Bombay. Wife Molly is the daughter of Avaracharan, Patteril Kozhenchery. They have two daughters Kumari and Rani and three sons, Regi, Saji and Cherian. Jacob, Valiyaveetil, Kozhencherry married Kumari and Rani was married to John Philip John married Philip. All settled in Bombay. The eldest son, Regi Andrews, married Jessie, Vadakkeveetil, Edamana. Two children, Cherian and John. George Cherian married to Rosie Vellavoor. One son, Cherian.
Cherian Andrews’ fourth son P.C. George (Podiyan) was employed in Kuwait and later settled at Thukalassery. His wife is Thankamma, Karikot, Thalavadi. They have two children, Cherry and Joe. Cherry is with Shawalas, Ernakulum. Alice is his wife and one son. Joe worked in Ernakulum.
PC Chandy, fifth son of Cherian Andrews is at Sharjah serving as a senior executive. Wife is Alvi and daughter is Nisha.
Cherian Andrews’s youngest son P C Thomas (Thomas) lives in Thiruvalla. Susamma is his wife. Son is Cherian and daughters, Mariamma and Annamma.
Chandy Andrews, son of Ooramvelil Andrews, was a reputed lawyer in Alappuzha. Wife, Mariamma is the daughter of Johanachan, Manjalur, Vennikulam. Three sons, P.C Andrews, P.C Eapen, P.C.Cherian, and five daughters, Pennamma, Mosakutty, Ammini, Molly and Kunjamma. Pennamma was married to John Isaac, Kokkaparambil Chengannoor and Mosakutty to T.O.Verghese, Randupurackal, Thumpamon, Ammini to Georgekutty, Chiramel, Mannar, Molly to George, Puthenmannil, Thumpamon and Kunjamma was married to John, Mannukattur, Meenadam.
Elder son of Ooramvelil Andrews, Chandy Andrews, served as a Commodore in the Indian Navy. He was honored with Mahavirachakra for his contribution to Indo-Pakistan war in 1971. Wife Anne is from Heaven Valley, Thiruvalla. Chandy Andrews (Ajit)), his son served as Deputy Secretary to the Central Government. Mariamma, daughter of K T Kuruvila, Keerikkat is his wife. Andrews and Kuruvilla are their children. Elder daughter Ivy, was married to Suresh, Thandakath, Kollam and Anitha was married to Sajan George, Vadakkethalackal, Kunnamkulam.
Chandy Andrews’ second son, P.C.Eapan after graduation from Allahabad, joined Government of Kerala. He retired as Joint Director of Agriculture and settled down at Kakkanad. Wife Saramma, Madathil Palluth. Son, Sunil married Anila, Padippurackal, Mavelikara. Sunil and Anila are CAs. They have a son is Eapen. Daughter Sunu married to Babu, Parappallil Pallippad.
The third son of Chandy Andrews, Kunjumon, settled at Thiruvananthapuram. Wife Baby is daughter of Kokkali Joseph, Puthuppally. Chandy and Joseph are sons.
Ooramvelil Andrews’s third son, C.P. Andrews worked at UC College, Aluva. He served for a long time as Physical Director. Wife Kunjamma was from Matteethra, Olassa. Kunjamma’s brother was Bishop M.M. John of CSI Mahaedavaka. Sunny is son and Molly, Ammal, Gigi and Minnie are daughters. Granddaughter Molly was married to Kunjukunju, Mulamoottil, Thukalassery, Ammal to Georgekutty, Kollamala, Kallopara, Jiji to Daniel, Kavatoor, Cherukol and Mini was married to Iype, Pukadayil, Kottayam. C.P Andrews’ only son, Sunny did Ph.D. in Social Work and was working in the US. Wife is Shanti is from Kovoor Chirappur Thiruvalla. He has a daughter, Susan, and a son, Jacob Andrews.
George P Andrews, the youngest son died early and was a Tahasildar in the revenue department. Thankamma from Thumpamon Puthenveetil was wife. Molly, Leela, Kunjumol, Shanthamma, Sarala and Usha are daughters. Leela was married to Cherian from Alappuzha, Kunjumol to Mathew, Thoppil Kandathil Shanthamma was married George, Valiyachirackal, Naranganam, Sarala, to Joy Santha Nivas, Cochin and Usha was married to Raju, Aikarethu Thiruvananthapuram.
Chacko, youngest son of Ooramvelil Cherian settled at family house. His wife, Mariamma was daughter of Thomachan, Kadiyamkunnell Ayroor. She was the sister of Bishop Mathews Mar Athanasius of the Mar Thoma congregation. They had two sons O.C.Zacharia (Kariyachan) and O.C. Thomas (Kunjomachan) and four daughters Kunjamma, Mariyakutty, Annamma and Estheramma. Kunjamma was married to Prof. M.V. Chacko, University City College Thiruvananthapuram, Mariyakutty to MK Varghese of Manalel Madathil, Annamma to Avarachan, Peedikayil Nellikkala, Elanthur and Estheramma was married to M.K.Verghese, after the death of Mariyakutty.
Ooramvelil Chacko’s eldest son, OC Zachariah settled at Koilmuck. Wife, Annamma, was daughter of Oommachan from Pandanpadavil, Valanjavattom. Their sons, O.C. Chacko (Baby) and O.C. Thomas (Kunjumon) and had six daughters Pennamma, Susamma, Alice, Onniyamma Kochusaramma and Ammukutty. Pennamma was married to Avarachan, Kodiyat, Thiruvalla, Susamma to Thomas Mathew, Accanat Thundiyil, Alice to Philip, Kaplaserril Chengannur, Onniyamma to M.O.Thomas, Modisseil, Niranam, Kochusaramma to Joseph, Chakkuthara, Kuriyannor and Ammukkutty was married to C.A.Titus, Cherukara, Ayroor.
Ooramvelil Zachariah’s eldest son, O.C.Chacko served in The Aluminium Industries Limited, Kundara for long and settled at Koilmuck, Edathua. Wife, Saramma, was daughter Pazhayidom family, Attingal. Two sons, O.C. Cherian and O.C. Jacob and a daughter, Annamma. Annamma was married to KC Samuel (Retired Federal Bank Senior Manager), Salem Thekkethil, Kottarakara. Somy is daughter and Shyam is son.
O.C. Cherian son of O.C. Chacko was in Rep of Maldives for long (As, Advisor to Board, Platinum Capital Holdings). Author of, ‘Droplets of Godly virtues’, a book for youth and parents. He is the Editor of “Polackal Kudumba Charitram” published during 2017. Wife is Reetha, Thekkethayyil Thumpamon. Jacob Cherian Ooramvelil (CIMA, UK), Senior Financial Analyst in SCB, Chennai, wife, Susanna Thomas (MTech, NIT: L&T), is daughter of M.K.Thomas, Malayil, Kallada. Daughter Sara Cherian is a Senior Executive in Wipro, Cochin and married to Jithin Koshy Muthalaly, son of Prof. Abraham Koshy, Kallot family, Cochin. O.C. Chacko’s youngest son, O.C Jacob, is in Muscat. Wife Lizamma is from Polachira, Puthuppally. Dona Sarah Jacob is employed and Sona Mariam Jacob is a PG student, and they are in Bombay.
O.C. Zachariah’s youngest son, O.C. Thomas was an engineer with Cochin Naval Base and residing at Cochin. Elsie is his wife, from Mateethra, Olassa. Praveen Thomas works as an engineer and wife is Cini. Pratheksha is daughter and is a teacher by profession. Married to Akhil and they have a son and one daughter.
Ooramvelil Chacko’s youngest son O.C.Thomas, (Kunjomachayan) settled at family house at Edathua. Wife was Thankamma, daughter of P.V Varghese’s Peedikayil, Nellikala, Elanthur. Two sons, Jacobkutty, Adv. George Thomas, and Maryikutty, Dr.Mollykutty, Leelamma, Shanthamma are daughters. Dr. Marykutty was married to Joseph, Perumpalikatt, Dr. Mollykutty to George Cherian (DSP CBI) Mylakattil, Thirumoolapuram, Leelamma to Georgekutty (Headmaster MT High School) Karuvelil, Thalavadi and Shanthamma was married to A.V.Mathew, Kaniyanparambil, Mavelikara. Jacob, elder son of O.C. Thomas was into Automobile business and died at Orissa. He married to Saramma, Kunnankeril, Varunikkatt and lives in the US with her children. Jyothi elder son is a Computer Engineer. Joji Younger son and Renu is daughter. Youngest son of O.C.Thomas, Advocate George Thomas practiced in Alappuzha and Ambalappuzha and is no more. Kochumariamma, daughter of Easo, Valiyaveetil, Karthikapalli is wife. They have a son, Manoj and two daughters Manju and Mini. And Manoj and his wife Princy are practicing advocates at Alappuzha and Ambalapuzha. Three sons, George M Chacko, John M Chacko and Zachariah M Chacko.

Moolamannil Branch
Ooramvelil Oommen married and adapted to Moolamannil family had four children. Elder son Rev M.O Koshy was an eminent priest in Marthoma sabha for his laudable and authentic Christian life. His wife Elizabeth was from Mavelikara. They have four sons and seven daughters.
Elder son K.M.Oommen served with fisheries department. Thankamma was wife. They have two have sons and one daughter. Elder son Dr M O Koshy served as the Vice Chancellor of Cannanore University. Wife, Elizabeth was Head Mistress at MT High School. Tina and Bava are daughters.
Koshy achen’s second son was a dentist. Wife Saramma was a gold medalist, gynecologist and they have a son and a daughter. Daughter, Alice married to George Verghese. Rajan and Raji are children. Son, Dr M.J.Koshy is serving as a gynecologist at TMM hospital at Thiruvalla. Wife, Ramani, Anesthetist was Cheruvattolil family member. Elder son Ivan is an anesthetist with Believers hospital and wife, Anu is a gynecologist and they have one son. Second son, Alwyn Koshy is with IBM, Chennai and Nicky Susan is wife.
Koshy achen’s third son, M.O.Koshy was at Sri Lanka and Borneo. Wife, Kunjamma and they had three sons and three daughters. Elsie, Kumari, and Shoba are married. Elder son worked with nursing department. Wife, Kunjumol was a social worker. Baby was in Canada and wife is Nadia. Son, Dilip is in Canada and wife is Farhana.
Koshy achen’s youngest son, M.K.Manuel was a civil engineer and his wife is Kunjumol. Subu and Subin are children.
His brother, Dr M O Chacko, served in Sri Lanka for long and returned to settle at Chennai and died there. Third son died while he was in US. Forth son was a dentist and served at Masilipattanam.
Koshy achen’s daughter Mariamma was married to Thomas at Kaiyalickal, Illavumthitta. Three sons and five daughters. Koshy achen’s daughter Annamma was married to Koshy, at Pallom. Another daughter Achiamma was married to Mathew, Valiyaveetil, Nellad. Daughter Saramma’s husband was Samuel. Daughter Aleyamma was married to Joy from Kottayam and they have three children. And Accamma’s was married to Jacob and have one son and a daughter. Rahelamma’s husband was C.M.Mathew, Chackayil and has four children.
Oomachen’s second son, Dr M O Chacko’s wife was Sosamma. Two sons and three daughters. Elder son M.C.Oommen’s wife was Aleyamma. Their elder son M O Chacko is settled at Chennai and is professionally qualified in Printing technology. Santha is wife and Elizabeth and Sunil are children. M.O Roy second son, a Textile Engineer is at Malawi. Molly is wife and Rohan and Resma are children. M.O.Thomas is at Qatar after passing Mechanical Engineering and Suseela is wife. Vinu and Vijay are children. M O Koshy, Catering professional is working with Taj. Wife Susan and Santhosh and Shobana are children. Maria is the wife of M O Mathew and is working at Canada. Praveen, Preena are children. M O Chacko’s younger son Jacob Mathew‘s wife is Mary. Three sons. Three daughters of Dr M O Chacko are married.
Oomachen’s youngest son’s wife is Achiamma. Two sons and two daughters. Son, Dr Cherian Thomas’s wife is Dr Mary. Three sons. Dr Aniyan Cherian is a dentist and wife is Kunjumol and two daughters. Daughter Marykutty’s husband is Baby and Ramani’s is Mon.
Oomachen’s daughter Aleyamma’s husband is K Mathew. Dr Sosamma Philip, MRCP, is married to V M Philip son of Rev P V Mammachan. Anne Joshua and Thomas Philip are sons.

Karimparambil Branch
Polackal, Kochu Chacko Tharakan’ second son Thommi Chacko settled at Karimparambil. Idichandy, Geevarghese, Chackochen and Yohannan were his children. Idichandy died without children. Geevarghese married Achamma daughter of Koruth, Thekke Alumoottil, and got adapted at settled Puthenkavu. Chackochen settled at Edathua, Pandankary. Yohannan settled at Karimparambil.
Thommi Chacko’s younger son Thommi Yohannan settled at Karimparambil. Kanthamma from Manathara, Valanjavattom was wife. They had six sons, Yohannan Thommi, Chackochen, K.J George, K J Cherian, K J Abraham and two daughters named, Achiamma and Kuttiamma. Achiamma was married to P.M George, Parakaattil, Cherukol and Kuttiamma to K.M.Oommen, Cherukol.
Elder son of Yohannan Thommi settled at Karimparambil, Edathua. Aleyamma, Chackalamannil, Thumpamon was wife. They had sons, K T John, K T Koshy, Rev K T Thomas, K T Jacob and Dr K T Verghese and daughter named Kunjamma. Kunjamma was married to Thomas John, Peedikayil, Parayil. Yohannan Thommi married for a second time, but no children.
Yohannan Thommi’s elder son K T John served in Jaffna College for long. Retired as Principal and later settled at Edathua, Thuruthel. Was the President of Kudumbayogam. He loved every one and was good leader. Annamma, Inchalakodil Karavelil, Chengannoor was wife.
Yohannan Thommi’s second son, K T Koshy was in Galle and Colombo for long and settled at Manjadi, Thiruvalla. Kunjamma, Polachirackal, Thiruvalla was wife.
Rev K T Thomas, after his education at St Aloysius and MT high Schools at Edathua and UC College and graduated from American college, Madurai. Later joined Serampur Bible College and passed out BD. During 1941, he was ordained as Chemmachen by Abraham Marthoma and in 1942, ordained Priesthood from Yohannan Mar Themitheyos. During this short tenure he was a teacher and missionary in southern Travancore. On, 30th October 1942, Thomas achen, M P Mathew and John Verghese were dedicated to Asramam life by Abraham Marthoma at St Thomas church, Thiruvalla. And they went to Sihora Asramam in Madhya Pradesh. His dedication commitments, prayer and meditation life were exceptional. 1989 February 5th, early morning, he left this world. He was buried at Sihora.
Yohannan Thommis forth son, K T Jacob was a Tea maker in Kannan Devan plantations and died at the age of 83. Ammini, Kurudamannil Eechiramannil, Ayroor was his wife. Three children, Dr Jacob Thomas, Aleyamma, Betty. Aleyamma was married to Enjalakodil Raju and Betty was married to Babuji, Meppadam. Dr Jacob Thomas, after his MBBS from Manipal, took his FRCP from England and served at Boston Lancashire. Regina, Kayyaleth, Mallapally was wife. Smita, Shuba are daughters. Smita is with Standard Chartered Bank, London. Simon, husband is with Riccardo as Senior Manager. Elizabeth is daughter. Subha is working as Australian investment banker.
Yohannan Thommis younger son Dr K T Varghese after his education from Sri Lanka did his medical education from Calcutta and London. Served with Bahrain Government and later in Kumbanad hospital and settled at Manjadi. Lily daughter of C J Thomas, Cheriyakottonil, Kozhencherry was wife.
Karimparambil, Thommi Yohannan’s younger son Chackochen married Annamma, Kunniparambil, Niranam. Son John died young.
K J George after passing BA BT was a teacher at Paravor and Kayamkulam. Retired as School inspector and settled at Pathil, Karimparambil. Kuttiamma, Kaduvettor, Cherukol was wife. Dr George John, Dr G Mathew, Captain George Thomas, George Babu were sons and Kunjamma, Achamma, Ammini, Ammukutty were daughters. Kunjamma was married to Kallelil K.C John, Achamma to A E Thomas, Angadipurath, Thalavady, Ammini to Mathai, Kodickal, Thalavady and Ammukutty was married to Dr Samuel, Kallelil, Chettikulangara.
Dr George John, son of K J George served in Tamilnadu and Kerala and later at started own hospital at Edathua. He served as Polackal Kudumbayogam President. Dr Thampi John, Rajan John, Cherian K John, Biju are sons and two daughters. Rajamma was married to Abraham Tharakan- Deputy director, central Labour Institute-, Kanjiramparambil, Haripad and Kunjumol to Punoose Verghese– Regional Manager SBI-, Kurikattil, Valanjavattom.
Dr Thampi John son of Dr George John after serving in Tanzania started a nursing home in Eraviperoor. Thankachi, Pandiyalackal, Thamaraserry was wife. Manoj, Meenu, Milly are children. Rajan John did his banking business at Peerumedu, later settled at Edathua, with a printing press. Ramani, Kalayamkerril, Kottayam is wife. Daughter Usha married Biju, Velikkakathu, Kanjirapally.
Karimparambil Dr George John’s elder son Cherian K John did hardware business at Edathua. Ramani from Chettikulangara is wife. Binoy and Vivek are sons. His younger son Thomas John an electronic engineer was working with IPA, as Branch Manager in Bangalore
Dr K J George’s son, Dr George Mathew was practicing at Kunoor as dentist and later at Edathua. Saramma, daughter of P V Verghese, Powathil Kunnel, Mallapally is wife. George Mathew, John Mathew, Verghese Mathew, Thomas Mathew, Abraham Mathew are sons and Susy, Saramma and Suseela are daughters. Susy was married to Thomas Mathew, Charivupurath, Pathanapuram, Saramma to C M Mathew, Chalakuzhi, Thiruvalla and Suseela was married to Chandy George, Kathayil Changanacherry.
Elder son George Mathew studied Occupational Therapy from US. Valsamma, Kuttikattil, Mannar is wife. Mathew George son and Judy George daughter are in US. John Mathew did business in Pandalam. Suseela, Koipurath, Chathanoor is wife. Mathew John and Thomas John are sons. Third son, Verghese Mathew is settled at Bombay. Mary, daughter of Rev K A Abraham, Chudukattil, Elanthoor is wife. Sara Verghese is daughter. Thomas Mathew, forth son is in Abu Dhabi. And fifth son, Abraham Mathew, served in Malayil bank and settled in Trivandrum.
Karimparambil Captain George Thomas son of K J George was a Pilot in Indian Airlines and served at Calcutta and Bombay and later settled at Thiruvalla. Married Thankamma, daughter of T.M. Kuruvila, Thevarthundil, Thiruvalla. Georgie and Renji are sons and Beena and Reena are daughters. Beena was married to Captain Binu Jacob, Vinod Bhavan, Varikkat and Reena was married to Mohan Mathew, Thekkumkattil, Kuriyannor. Son, Georgie Thomas did his Masters in Administration and was Sales Manager to Bhadrachalam Paper Mills. Meena, daughter of Georgekutty, Chalapurath, Mulamthuruthi is wife. Thanush and Tania are children. Renji Thomas worked as Area Manager for Berger Paints. Preena, Kandathil Parungithottathil, Kollam is wife. Tharun is son and Tharika is daughter.
Babu son of K J George was a government contactor. Achamma, Nadakkavil, Thumpamon is his wife. Boban Koshy, George Babu, Koshy Jacob, and Lalan Jacob are sons and Latha is daughter. Latha was married to Monachen, Kadavil, Mavelikara. G Babu’s son Boban worked at Saudi. Kunjamma was married to Koshy Chandipurath, Prakkanam. Albin is son and Beena and Savitha are daughters. G Babu’s son Koshy Babu is in Saudi and married to Ammini daughter of Abraham, Kannamparayil, Pathanamthitta. G Babu’s third son Balan Jacob is doing business in Bombay. Married to Anila daughter of Philip, Varazhikathu, Kollam. Younger son, Lalan Jacob is in Saudi. Married to Sunu, Chethipurackal, Pandankary, Edathua.
Thommi Yohannan’s forth son K J Cherian after graduating in law, was a first class magistrate in Travancore Government. Joined Kerala Government as Financial Secretary and retired as Accountant General. After retirement he settled at Edathua. Married to Achiamma, Manjallor, Vennikulam. K C John and K C John are sons and Chinnamma, Thankamma and Molly are daughters. Chinnamma was married to Abraham, Puthichita, Kumbalampoika, Thankamma to Mathew, Pandanpadavil, Valanjavattom, and Molly to Dr P A Abraham, Alexander memorial Hospital, Kumbanad. K C John died while serving as an Assistant Engineer in PWD. Kunjamma, Vadakkedath Valiyaveetil, Oomalur was wife. Son, Cherian K John, Chartered Accountant, served in Switzerland and Bahrain and settled in Trivandrum. Pamala, Muttathusseril, Idayarumula was wife. John Cherian and Johan Cherian are sons. George John, younger son of K C John, Chartered Accountant, served in Bahrain. Susan, Karuthedathu, Mavelikara is wife. Johnny George is son.
Younger son of K J Cherian, K C Eapen was superintend of A V Thomas & co- Rajagiri estate-. Wife, Kunjamma, Nellanickal, Kumarakom. Cherian K Eapen and Thomas K Eapen, John K Eapen, Eapen K Eapen are sons. Cherian K Eapen served in Doha. Sheela, daughter of Koshy John, Vadasseril, Kottayam is wife. Chinnu, Minnu are children. Thomas K Eapen, a professional engineer served with Gulf Airlines in Abu Dhabi. Sayu, daughter of P O Mathew, Parayil, Mavelikara is wife. Tharun is son and Thanu is daughter. John K Eapen is in US. Eapen K Eapen is serving with Albert Company. Jinu, Kodiyattu Maliyeckal, Thiruvalla is wife. Cherian K Eapen and Jacob K Eapen are children. He is serving as Joint Secretary of Kudumbayogam.
Thommi Yohannan’s, fifth son K J John served H&C, and settled at Kollam serving parents. Kochumariamma, Chethikkattu, Vengal, is wife. K J John, Kunjamma, Kochannamma are children. Kunjamma was married to O G Chacko, Olisserimannil, Pulimattom and Kochannamma to K E George, Kunnil, Maramon. K J John’s son did his Agricultural graduation from Allahabad University and joined Kerala Government service. Retired as Joint Director and settled at Trivandrum. Aleyamma daughter of A C Thomas, Kochu Vadakkethil, Kaduvettor is wife and retired as English Professor of Women’s college. Biju, Binu are sons and Beena is daughter. Beena is married to Regi Thomas, Thondamvelil, Thumpamon and settled at Spain. Biju served as telecommunication manager and settled in Melbourne.
Younger son of Thommi Yohannan K J Abraham was Excise Inspector. Achiamma daughter of Chackochen Thyyil, Thumpamon was wife. Dr John K Abraham, Advo. Jacob K Abraham, Thomas K Abraham are sons and Kunjujamma was daughter. Chechamma was second wife, after the death of Achiamma. No children. Kunjamma served in AGS office, Trivandrum and was unmarried. Dr John K Abraham is Ophthalmologist, served in North India and Bahrain. Saramma, daughter of T T Joseph, Pallithekkethil, Kumbanad is wife. Dr Leela and Dr Latha are daughters. Dr George Chandy, Matteethra is Leela’s husband. Ashisa is medical student. Dr Latha was married to Dr Mathew Jacob, Mangad, Pullad. Roshini and Prakash are children.
Advo Jacob K Abraham practiced in Trivandrum and is no more. Mariamma, Puthenvilayil, Anandapally is wife. She was an High School Head Mistress. Laila, Lekha, Beena are daughters. Laila was married to Mathew T George, Thungiyath, Vazhoor. Joe is son. Lekha was married to George John, Kovoor, Mavelikara and are engineers by profession. Beena, dentist, was married to Shibu Mathai, Engineer, Green cottage, Chengamanad and are at Qatar. Kripa and Arpita are children.
K J Abrahams’s younger son, Thomas K Abraham was in Nigeria and later settled at Trivandrum. Sosamma, Panackal, Thalavady is wife. Both were teachers. Abraham Thomas and Georgie are sons and Bisy is daughter. Dr Abraham Thomas is in US. Susan, daughter of K V Mathew, Valel Puthenparambil, Anaprambal is wife. Jonathan is son. Bisy is married to Santhosh Mathew, Kottanickal, Chathenkary. Thara and Divya are children. Georgie’s wife is Jenifer, three children, Rebeca, Rachel, Kaleb.

Thekkeveetil Branch
Geevarghese who was adapted to Puthenveetil had three children. The elder one Korechan followed by Kunjonachan, and Onnonni.
Korechan had three children, Dr T.K.Verghese, T K Oommen, and dentist T K Abraham. Son of Dr T K Verghese stayed at Puthenkavu bank house. T K Oommen’s son George stayed at Puthenkavu. Gracy Oommen was wife. She was the past President and Patron of Kudumbayogam. She will be remembered for her past services with all respect. She also served as the church trustee, Marthoma Sabha Mandalam representative and Chengannoor Christian College governing member. She had two sons and two daughters. George Oommen her son is the Vice President of Kudumbayogam. Rachel of Erikat, Kottayam is wife. Son, Dilip Oommen is managing own family business at Thiruvalla. Daughter, Shema Oommen is serving at England with her husband, Dr Mathew of Kurudamannil. Second son Peter and his wife is Thara Peter, Ancheril, Kottayam. Divya Peter is in America and Anitha Peter is in Bombay. Grace Oommen’s daughter Nina was married to Dr Benjamin of Palakunnath and Reena was married to Mathew, Chartered Accountant, Polachira.
Kunjonachan stayed at Kallunkal and had three children. Onnonni, Dr T N Chacko and dentist T N Abraham. Another son of Onnoonni, died young. Others stayed at Puthencavu.

Kaithavanaparambil Branch
Yohannan’s elder son Chackochen had five sons. Elder son Oommachan stayed at Moonnuthykkal. Second one Idichandy, Kochukunju stayed at Enpathil, Keevareechen and youngest was Kariyachan who stayed at Kaithavanaparambil.
Oommachan who stated at Moonnuthykkal had four sons. Elder son, K T Jacob was in Sri Lanka as Medical Officer and came back and settled at Thiruvalla. Second one Geevarghese stayed at Moonnuthykkal near Kaithavanaparambil. Third one, C O John settled at Ernakulum after serving in Sri Lanka as a teacher. Youngest stayed at family house at Kaithavanaparambil.
Oomachen’s elder son Dr K T Jacob married Susamma, Mundapallil, Kottayam, and served with civil service in Tanzania and died there. Second one, J Jacob served as marketing executive of BBC in Colombo. Alexi, from Kurudamannil, Kaipallil was wife.
Third son, George Jacob worked as insurance Advisor at Thiruvalla. Sosamma from Kummini, Karuvatta was wife. Sabu, Biju and Vinu are sons. Sabu is at Ranni and is an agriculturist. Valsamma, Kannath, Ranni is wife. Son is Febin.
Biju Lankagiri is into advertisement business. Serving as the Thiruvalla municipal councilor and standing committee chairman to cultural, sports and education. He is also the vice president to Kudumbayogam. Raji, Ramanattu family, Trivandrum is wife. Vinu no more.
Forth son, John Jacob stayed at Perumthruthy as an agriculturist. Ammini from Velamparmbil, Kunnanthanam was wife. Daughter, Jaya is no more. Regi, Ponkunnamparambil, Mallapally is husband. Son, Ivan.
Fifth son, Mammen Jacob died at Trichi while serving as the Senior Area Manager of Central Warehouse Corporation. Mary, Meenathethil, Chettikulangara was wife. Binu and Beena are children. Binu served as the Junior Superintend of Central Warehouse Corporation. Lekha, Peedikayil, Kuttickal is wife.
Sixth son, Sam Jacob, was accountant at SSF Company at Cochin. Thresiamma, Pakalomattam, Kuravilangad was wife. Ajay and Aneesha are children. Ajay is at Bangalore.
Idichandy, who stayed at Enpathil, has one son. Pappy has one son and one daughter. Idichandy’s brother Kochukunju settled at Karthikapally.
Second son, Geevarghese had three son and six daughters. Son, Thankachan died while he was in US. Two daughters are in US. Second son, Bavachan retired from PWD. Wife Leelamma was a teacher and has one son and three daughters. Son, Jerry is serving at Manipal University. Third son Achenkunju settled at Edathua and is no more. Sherry, only son is staying with his mother.
Third son, C O John settled at Ernakulum after serving at Sri Lanka. Wife Mariyakutty was a Public Prosecutor. Son, Sajan was an advocate and no more.
Last son, Kochukutty stayed at family home, Moonnuthykkal. Was the Secretary of Kudumbayogam in early years and died during 1994. Two sons and two daughters. Elder son Kunjumon served with Indian Railways at Palghat and retired as senior IT Engineer. Wife, Thankamani, Plachira, Mukkor was superintend in Indian railways. Son is working in US as an engineer and his wife, Chithanya is System Analyst in Trivandrum.
Second son, Aniyankunju retired as SBT, Chief Manager and settled at Trivandrum. Kunjumol, Parackal Chenganoor is wife. Son, Vivek is IT engineer with Techopark. Daughter is Divya.
Kochu Vareechen’s elder son Kunjappi died while he was young. Only son K C Jacob served as Principal of Cochin Refineries School. One son and two daughters. Kochu Vareechen’s younger son, K V John (Kochunnuni) served with Minerals and metals. He gave a commendable service to Kudumbayogam as Secretary during his tenure. Wife is Ammini. Three daughters, Leelamma, married to Samuel, Ennaserril, Pathanamthitta, Thankachi to Aniyankunju, Kulathumon, Maramon and Kunjumol to Kunjachen, Puthenveetil, Kavanal.

Kattumbhagam Branch
Ittimathu second son of Polackal Chacko had four sons, Kattumbhagam Cherian, Kalpurackal Kurian, Kattumbhagam Kurian and Chackalackal Mathew.
Elder son, Cherian stayed at Kattumbhagam and married from Kottayam Velur. He had five sons, Kakkadampallil Iduculla, Puthenmadom Chacko, Puthenparambil Kurian, Kattumbhagam Chandapillai and Kattumbhagam Cherian. Iduculla stayed at Kakkadampallil and two sons, Iduculla and Chacko. Iduculla had one son Mathew. Mathukutty’s son K M Abraham and his wife was Pappamma. One son Arun. Iduculla’s son Chacko had one daughter, Kunjaccamma. Kattumbhagam Cherian’s second son stayed at Puthenmadom. Shanthamma, Pantheeruparayil Niranam was wife. Mariamma and Sosamma are daughters and son, Chacko Cherian. Mariamma was married to Chackochen, Kottayil, Meppadam and Sosamma was married to Thomachan, Kattunilathu, Niranam.
Cherian, son of Puthenmadom Chackochen married Annamma, Thekkinpurayil, Kallunkal. They had daughters Kunjamma, Chinnamma, Marykutty and sons, P.C Chacko (Baby) and P C Mathukutty. Kunjamma (Saramma) was married to T K Verghese, Karayath, Thumpamon and Chinnamma was married to A B Varkey and Marykutty to Thomas Joy, Changeth, Kodukulanji.
P C Chacko, son of Puthenmadom Chacko Cherian retired as officer in Travancore cements and settled at Nattakom. Gracy, Puliyerimannil, Maramon was wife. Annie and Achamma are daughters and son was Biju. Annie was married to Robin Mathew, Memadathil, Karackal and Achamma to Iype Mathew, Olassa. Son Jacob P C Cherian married Kunjujamma, Munjanattu, Karuvatta.
P C Mathukutty, son of Puthenmadom Chacko Cherian was a spiritual speaker in Marthoma Sabha and travelled India and abroad. First wife was from Thumboly Raha family. Jolly and Shirley are daughters and Sam Cherian was son. Jolly was married to K P Abraham, Karavelil, Thalavady and Shirley to George Mathew, Puthenveetil. Second wife was Amminikutty, Kelaparambil, Niranam. They had daughters Kunjumol and Achamol and son Jacob Mathew. Kunjumol was married to Rev P P Kuruvila and Achamol to Rev V T Yesudas, Grace House, Karunagapally. Son was abroad. Daisy, Kottarathil, Manganam is wife. Sajin Mathew Cherian is son. Jacob Mathew, younger son is abroad. Binukutty, Palakuzhiyil, Kalayapuram is wife. Justin Mathew Cherian is son.
Kurian Puthenparambil, third son Cherian settled at Puthenparambil. Aleyamma, Kalathil, Thalavady is wife. Aleyamma, Achamma, Kochachi, Mariamma are daughters. Cherian Kurian, K K Abraham, Chandapillai Kurian are sons. Aleyamma was married to Thomas, Kelaparambil, Niranam, Achamma to Itticherian Koshy, Perumpallil, Karuvatta, Kochachi to Kurian, Kattunilathu, Niranam and Mariamma was married to Oommen, Kozhimannil, Karuvatta.
Cherian Kurian, elder son of Kurian stayed at Puthenparambil. Aleyamma, Pynumoottil, Thiruvalla is wife. Aleyamma, Achamma, Mariamma are daughters and P.C.Kurian is son. Aleyamma was married to Geevarghese, Nedugnott, Karthikapally and Achamma to Varkey, Munduvelil, Cherukol and Mariamma to Kattunilathu; Niranam C Kurian served as a senior officer in Government and settled at Kattumbhagam. Mariamma, Kalpurackal, Karuvatta was wife. Aleyamma, Annamma, Mariyakutty, Sosamma are daughters. P.K Cherian and Thampi Kurian are sons. Aleyamma was married to Ninan Koshy, Trivandrum, Annamma to M Varkey, Mariyakutty to Thomachan and Sosamma was married to Georgekutty, Manappurathu, and Neerettupuram.
P K Cherian served with Birla textiles for long and settled at Kattumbhagam. Mariyakutty daughter of K T Cherian, Kunthirickal, Thalavady was wife. Mini and Nidhi are daughters and, Mini was married to Prakash John Mathew, Kandamthottinkara, Piravaom, and employed in Doha. Anup Verghese Prakash and Anup Cherian Verghese are children. Nidhi was married to Alexander Mathew, Cheruthottathil, Kozhencherry and employed at Muscat. Aaron Alexander Mathew is son.
Second son Thampi Kurian, served with State Bank of Travancore and settled at Kattumbhagam and later was advisor to many organizations. He was the trustee for Polackal Kudumbayogam. Amminikutty daughter of Prof C G Abraham, Chakkutharayil, Kozhencherry was wife. Mariamma, Elizabeth and Kurian are children. Mariamma was married to Koshy Abraham, Anjilimoottil, Eraviperoor, Elizabeth to George Mathew, (FACT, Alwaye), Chencheril Plavilaveetil, Ayoor. Son, Kurian Abraham, served with Samkhi filament factory.
K K Abraham son of Kuriyachen settled at Kattumbhagam after serving PWD. Chinnamma was first wife. Two daughters, Aleyamma and Dotti. Aleyamma was married to Poyyanil, Kozhencherry and Dotti to Rev C T Thomas, Cherickal, Pallom. Second wife Achamma was from Panickerveeetil, Karackal. Three sons, K A Abraham, K A Cherian, Kurian Abraham and a daughter, Susi, married to, Georgekutty, Kallil, Kuzhikkala.
K A Abraham worked in UC College after postgrauating in Zoology. KA Cherian retired as Deputy General Manager of Shipyard and settled in Cochin. Lillykutty, wife served in Maharajas College. Dr Abraham Cherian is son and daughter Susan, married to Dr Asok Zachariah Kangalil, Kayamkulam. Kurian Abraham younger son was a teacher with CMS High School and settled at Edathua. He was the President of Kudumbayogam. Kunjamma, Kochalumpalackal, Arattupuzha was wife and was Edathua Panchayat member. Aby and Mini are children. Mini was married to K T Jacob, Varuthikattil. Joyce, daughter of P C Philip Pallikkaparambil, Mallapally is Abys wife. Abel and Alisha are children.
P C Kurian son of Chandapillai Kurian settled at Bangalore. Kunjamma, Manjallor, Kuriyannor is wife. Raji, Mariamma are daughter and K Chandapillai and K Verghese are sons. Son of P C Kurian settled at Edathua and married Leela, Karukayil Edthaua. Their daughter is Chritra Elizabeth Chandapilailli. P C Cherian second son of PC Kurian was production engineer of HAAL, Bangalore. Susamma, Pathnapuram is wife. Elizabeth Cherian, Shoba Cherian, Suja Cherian are daughters. Alexander Cherian is son. Elizabeth was nursing college Principal in Bangalore and Shoba Cherian was a scientist in agriculture and Suja Cherian was Bed. Alexander Cherian was an engineer.
Chandapilai Kattumbhagam, son of Cherian settled was public personality. Aleyamma, Pullavallil was wife. K C Cherian, K C Joshua, K C Mathew Tharakan and sons and one daughter, Aleyamma married to Polachirackal family. K C Cherian was an Ayurveda expert and married Annamma, Ambrayil, Thalavady. K C Chandapillai and K C Abraham are sons and daughter Kunjannamma was married to Itty Jacob Pallikkaparambil, Thiruvalla. KC Chandapillai served with national Quilon bank, bank of India and forward bank and settled at Trivandrum. Annamma, Kandathil, Nellad, Vallomkulam was wife. Gracy and Molly are daughters. Cherian Alexander is son. Molly was married T O Jacob Randupurackal and Gracy to Ittyavara Thomas, Puthusseril, Mullackal. K C Alexander only son of K C Chandapilai served as Manager in NOCIL and married, Molly, Plathottam, Kuriyannor. Son Alex Cherian is working with IT field in Bombay and Nova is son.
Vaidyan K C Cherian’s second son, K C Abraham, was in Sri Lanka as teacher and Principal. Later joined with TMT corporate management and St Thomas training Centre. Later, was the professor with Chenganoor Marthoma College and settled at Thiruvalla. Was a good orator and organizer. He served as the trustee of Polackal Kudumbayogam and as executive member. Susan, daughter of T Philip, Nedungod, Karthikapally was wife. Kusum and Shiela are daughters.
Kusum was a Gynochologist and married P.C Itty, Perangad, Kozhuvallor. Dr Smita and Neetha are children and Amit is son. Smita was married to Dr Soni Thomas, Valiyaveetil, Kumbazha and Amit married, Dr Misi, Jnunickal Elanthoor. Ezekiel and Nathaniel, Immanuel are sons. Younger daughter Dr Shiela Elizabeth was department head of Marthoma College in English. Executive member of Kudumbayogam. P C Mathew, an Electric Engineer, Perumbulicattu, Thiruvalla is husband. Daughter Ashita – Engineer-is married to Santhosh Thomas, – engineer-IBM, Chennai. Son, Dr Anoop is serving as research scientist after passing MS and PhD. His wife, Theju PhD and fellow, is daughter of Dr Jacob Philip, Kuzhalanattu, Muvattupuzha serving in US.
K C Joshua son of Chandapillai was a known judge, after completing graduation and law. He started his career in Madras and later as the Munsif Judge and District judge in Travancore government. He has written a book for Sabha titled, ‘Palli karma pusthakam”. Susan daughter of Pathil, Aymanam is wife and wrote a book titled ‘Madras’. Alexander and Joshua are sons. Daughter Baby was married to J P John, Kottayil, Niranam, Kunjujamma to George Pulimood, Pulimood, Thankamma to K C John, Kulathungal, Kozhencherry. Second daughter was the acting principal of Queens Mary College and unmarried. Mary younger daughter died young.
Alexander elder son of Joshua, after completing Masters from university of Wales, served with Government of India in gazette rank. After retirement he served as the Deputy Director of Institute of Developmental Studies in Adayar. His book is titled ‘Primary education and illiteracy in Tamilnadu.’ Kunjamma, daughter of Cheeran Verghese, Madras is wife. Susan is daughter and two sons, Joshua and Verghese. Second son was a teacher in Madras and was versatile in Music. Susan Poothiyottu, Mepral is wife and has a daughter Marian and Susan are children. Joshua, younger son of K C Joshua was a computer advisor, UK with his German wife Helan. Simon, Michel are children.
K C Mathew, younger son of Kattumbhagam Chandapillai is a trained dentist. Aleyamma, Chirackal, Kannattuparambil is wife. Two daughters Alice and Kunjujamma and two sons, Alex and George Tharakan. Alice was unmarried and was a teacher with Nicholson. Susan was married to Thomas Eapen, Manipparambil, Niranam. Susan served as the secretary of YWCA, Vellore. Son Alex served with H&C.
George Tharakan, younger son of George Tharakan, served as dentist in Edathua. Mariamma, Nanamvelil, Nedumpram is wife. Biji and Jem are daughters and K G Mathew Tharakan and K G Joseph Tharakan are sons. Biji was married to Joy Mathai, Punchamannil, Pandanad and Jem to Cherian T George, Edanadu. Elder son Joseph Tharakan is an engineer. Mathew Tharakan is in US and Jensi, Maliyeckal, Vellaikara is wife. Linsa and Linda are daughters.
Cherian Kattumbhagam, fifth son of Cherian stayed Kattumbhagam. Kunjeliyamma, Accamama and Mariamma are daughters. Kunjeliyamma was married to Nedungod, Karthikapally and got adapted. Daughter, Baby was married to T J Thomas, Thundathil, Kottayam. Son, Alexander married Sosamma from Mavelikara and served with Telephones and settled at Mavelikara. They have sons, Jacob Alexander, Oommen Alexander, Oommen Alexander and Verghese Alexander. Jacob Alexander was a teacher in Karthikapally, Oommen Alexander as teacher in Africa, Oommen Alexander was at home native and Verghese Alexander was with ISRO and later settled at Trivandrum.
Kunjaccamma second daughter of Cherian Kattumbhagam was married to K.Verghese, Valiyaveetil, Mavelikara. Their son, Verghese Kurian worked with telephones. Elder daughter was married to P John, Valiyatharayil, Chettikulangara. And second daughter Annie was married to Verghese, Vizhavil Niranam.
Cherian’s younger daughter, Mariamma was married to Geevarghese, Nedungod and got adapted. Three sons and three daughters. Alexander Verghese, married Molly, Kaduvettor, Chenganoor, and settled at Bangalore. Three daughters, Bindu, Thushara, Deepa. Only son, Cherian Verghese, retired as Deputy Chief Engineer, KSEB and settled at Trivandrum. Elsa, Kozhimannil, Karackal is wife. Vinu Cherian married Sneha, Puliyelil, Maramon and Tinu Cherian was married to Eapen Thomas, Kuttiparambil. Third son Dr Daniel Verghese settled at UK and married Leela, daughter of Dr Valyath Dr Mathews, Pandanpadavil. Dr Rekha, daughter, is with her husband Dr Alexander in US.
Kattumbhagam, Iduculla stayed at family house in Kattumbhagam,

Kalpurackal Branch
Kattumbhagam, Ittimathu’s second son, Kurian settled at Kalpurackal. His only son, Mathew had four daughters, Aleyamma, Achiamma, Kunjamma, and Sosamma. Achiamma was married at Poovanveli, Niranam, Kunjamma to K.V Koshy, Kalathil and Sosamma to Cherian, Chenganoor. Aleyamma was married to Oommachan, Pandanpadavil as adaption and settled at Kalpurackal house. They had two daughters, Aleyamma and Thankamma and four sons, K O Varghese, Dr K O Mathew, Dr K O Kurian, Dr K O Oommen and K O Chacko. Son K O Varghese married Kochumariamma, Pulikkatra, Maliyil. K V Oommen and Rev George Verghese are sons. After death of Kochumariamma, he married Mariamma, Meppadam. Leelamma and Susamma are daughters and son is K V Mathew.
K V Oommen married, Kochumariamma, Villineth, Cherukol. Molly and Moni are daughters and George and Mathew are sons. Second son of K O Varghese, Rev George Varghese married Ammini daughter of Rev T N Koshy, Kumbakkattu. Vinod and Valsala are children. Third son of K O Varghese, K V Mathew married Molly, from Karthikapally. Son Reni and daughter Mini.
Elder daughter of K O Varghese, Leelamma was married to Samuel of Puthenvelil, Adoor. Second daughter, Susi to Baby, Kanjikuzhy, Aleyammas second son K O Mathew served Madurai Mission Hospital and settled at Edathua. Kunjamma, Thazhathillathu, Pallickal is wife. Dr K T Mathew and Bessy are children. Bessy married to Thampi, Panchiyil, Thiruvalla. Dr K T Mathew was with Pathology department at Trivandrum Medical College and Principal at Alleppy Medical College. Later, settled at Trivandrum. Molly, daughter of C I Abraham, Mulamoottil, Trivandrum is wife. Rekha is daughter and Vinod, Dilip, Salim are sons.
Aleyamma’s third son Dr K O Kurian served at Madurai mission hospital and settled at Pullad. Sosamma, Vadakkedath, Kuriyannor is wife. Jessy and Dr Mary are daughters and son, Thomas Kurian, an engineer. Jessy was married to Rev Thomas Varghese and Dr Mary to K Y John, Peedikayil, Kottarakara. Thomas Kurian, Susan and Mariam are children. Aleyamma’s forth son Dr K O Oommen married Saramma from Kovoor family. Dr Shiela and Dr Shaji are children. Aleyamma’s fifth son Dr K O Chacko married Mariamma from Kuriyannor. Lily, Susi, Marykutty and Thankachi are daughters and Thomas K Jacob, George K Jacob, and Jacob K Jacob are sons. Lilly was married to Viswanathan, Susy to Kunjachen, Kumarakom and Marykutty at Kaviyoor. Thomas K Jacob is an employee with Central Bank of India and married to Saramma, Thiruvalla. Binu and Bindu are daughters.
K O Chacko’s second son George K Jacob married Mary, Chathanattu, Kallopara. Jabin and Jijin are sons. K O Chacko’s third son married Smitha, Padinjarekuttiyil, Anikkattu. Both of them were in Bhopal, Jerry is son and Jenifer is daughter.

Chackalackal Branch
Kattumbhagam, Ittimathu’s youngest son Mathew settled at Chackalackal. Thus a Chackalackal came into existence. Chackalackal Mathew had sons, named Mathew Chackalackal, Korah Chackalackal and Chennamangalam Cherian. And two daughters named Sosamma and Saramma. Elder son Mathew stayed at Chackalackal home. Aleyamma, Vaniyapurackal, Nedumpram was wife. Kuttiamma and Kunjamma are daughters and son, Mathew (Mathukutty). Kuttiamma was married to Mathai of Ambrayil, Kalangara and Kunjamma to P C Thomas, Kavumbhagam. Mathukutty was a teacher with TNP High school. Wife was Aleyamma, Manath, Valanjavattom. Aleyamma and Thankamma are daughters and four sons, Kunjappan, Kunjukunju, and Raju. Aleyamma was married to M M Abraham, Malayatoor, Kozhencherry and Thankamma to P M Chacko, Pulikkatra, Edathua.
Mathukutty’s elder son, C M Mathew, (Kunjappan), after completing ICWAI, worked with MRF as Chief controller- Audits and Accounts- and settled at Chennai. Madras Model Matriculation School and Holy Angel School at Edathua were established. Ponnamma , Eramalladil, Niranam was wife. Daughter, Shirley was married to Lalu, from Ayroor. Son, Dr Asoke worked in Muscat and Maldives. Wife Susan is from Kottarakara. Anish and Ajay are sons. Son, Prakash, Chartered Accountant married Mary from Moolamannil. Kunjukunju was into business in UK. Younger son, Raju (Joseph Mathew) served with Bank in England. Wife is Julie and Elizabeth, Susamma and Jojo are children.
Second son of Mathew, Korah Chackalackal stayed at family house. Mariamma, Kottayil, Niranam was wife. Aleyamma, Rebecca and Sosamma are daughters and Mathukutty, Keevareechen, Kariyachan are sons. Aleyamma was married to T I Itty, Thyyil, Trivandrum, Rebecca to N J Mathew, Naduvallil, Mavelikara and Sosamma was married to C C Mathew Cherukattuserril, Chennamkari. Elder son C K Mathew began his career as practicing Advocate. Later joined Marthoma Sabha for spiritual services and settled at Alleppy. Kunjamma, from Pulikkatra, Edathua was wife. Daughter Gracy and sons, Baby and Thampi. Gracy was married to P P Philip, Pallathil, Thalavady. Son, C M Mathew employed with William Gudekar and later became a priest in Evangelical sabha. Thankamma, from Alumoottil, Kottayam was wife.
C K Mathew’s younger son C M Alexander served with Central bank of India and settled at Thiruvalla. Kochumol from Kayamkulam was wife. Three daughters, Kunjamma, Kochumol and Jolly and four sons, Alexander Oommen, Alexander Korah, Alexander George and Alexander Thomas. Kunjamma was married to Babukutty, Kottupallil, Kandamperoor, Kunjumol to Aniyankunju Vizhalil, Niranam and Jolly was married to James Chacko, engineer, (Madras Hindustan Petroleum).
Elder son C M Alexander, Alexander Oommen worked with Indian Overseas bank and presently the Trustee of Polackal Kudumbayogam. Jessy, daughter of Jacob, Thottakad, Thiruvalla is wife. Two daughters, Jemin and Jerin. Jaison married Jemin and Nevin George Cherian married Jerin. All are in Kuwait. Second son, Alexander Korah served in Muscat and mini, Palakunnath, Theilapurathu, Changanachery is wife. Carol Roy is daughter. Third son, Alexander George is serving in a bank in Canada. Geetha, Kanasseril, Pulikeezhu is wife. Joshu is son. Youngest son of C M Alexander, Alexander Thomas and wife Rajani are working as Chemists in US. Sareena and Sera are daughters.
Korah Chackalackal, third son C K George stayed at family home. Saramma, Manakkadanpallil, Karthikapally was wife. Joy is son. After the death of Saramma , he married Aleyamma from Valanjavattom.
Only son of C K George, Korah C George after working in Kuwait settled at Trivandrum. Dr Jolly and Jossy are daughters and Georgie, Gigi are sons.
Younger son, Zachariah C Korah, served Indian Railways and settled at Trivandrum. Gracy from Malayil, Mavelikara was wife. Three daughters, Aisha, Usha and Beena and three sons, Aby, Titu and Lalu. Aisha was married to Prathpan, Koovoor, Nilambur, Usha to Wing Commander Varghese, Kunnamkulam and Beena was married to Jacob Thomas, Cherukara, Chathanoor. Korah C Zachariah (Aby) married Susi and Deepu and Deepthi are children. Thomas Zachariah (Titi), an Engineer, was in Kuwait and settled at Trivandrum. Mathew Zachariah (Lalu) is unmarried and was in Kuwait.
Mathen Cherian, youngest son of Mathew stayed in Chennamangalam. Aleyamma from Pullavallil, Arumula was wife. Four daughters, Kunjamma, Mariamma, Sosamma, Pennamma and two sons, Mathukutty and Dr C C Chacko. Kunjamma was married to Mathew, Puthenveetil, Puthencavu, Mariamma to K C Eliyas, Vattakunnel, Pampadi, and Pennamma to Kochunni, Panikaruveetil, Karackal. Sosamma was unmarried.
Mathukutty elder son of Mathen Cherian died at the age of nineteen. Dr C C Chacko did homeo medicine Cochin and settled at home, Chennamangalam. Annamma, Chavacheril, Ernakulam was wife. Danamma is daughter and Koshy Kunju, Ikkaramodayil, Chenganoor married her. Sons, Jacob Cherian, Jacob Kuruvila and Mathew Jacob. Jacob Cherian married Aleyamma, daughter of K I Kuruvila. Jacob Kuruvila is with Traco cable, Thiruvalla and married Elsie, Kaniyarkandathil, Idayarumula. Arun and Ansu are children. Arun was a bright student in engineering, met with an accident and was called upon to eternity. Jacob Mathew is serving with East West, at Thurithicad. Betty daughter of John, Kunnel, Neerettupuram is wife. After the death of Annamma, Dr C C Jacob married Ponnamma, Kondackal, Thalavady.

Illampallil Branch
Cherian (Omanakuttan) third son of Polackal Chacko settled at Illampallil. Mariamma from Kuttikattil, Aymanam was wife. Son is Chacko and a daughter. After the death of Mariamma, he married Mariamma from Ambrayil. Only son is Dr P.C.Cherian.
First son Chacko stayed at Illampallil. I C Cherian, I C Chacko, I C Mathew, I C Abraham, I C John are sons and Mariamma, Sosamma and Annamma are daughters. Mariamma was married to A Thomas, Veloor, Kottayam, Sosamma to N George, Nalamvelil, Niranam and Annamma was married to Dr K T Thomas, Karukayil, Edathua.
I C Cherian, stayed at Kalapura, Illampallil. Wife was Chinnamma, daughter of Kurian, Kannanthanam, Chenganoor. Jacob Cherian, I C Kurian, John Cherian, George Cherian are sons. Kunjamma, Saramma, Thankamma, Elsamma were daughters. Kunjamma was married to Punnose Cherian, Pulimoottil, Pamala, Saramma to P.C.Verghese, Purackal, Cheppad, Thankamma to A George, Mangavil, Kattanam and Elsamma was married to A C Oommen, Kovoor, Thiruvalla.
I C Cherian’s elder son Jacob Cherian settled at Edathua after working in Chennai. Mariamma, daughter of K P Iduculla, Kandathil, Thiruvalla was wife. I C Cherian, Abraham Jacob, Jacob Chacko were sons and Mariam Cherian was daughter. I C Cherian settled at Trichur. Nirmala daughter of T A John, Thundathil, Kumarakom, was wife. Jacob Cherian was son and was in Saudi Arabia. Wife was Achu, Munduchirackal, Kevin, Peter are children. Mariam was daughter married to Manoj son of Mathew, Konikka, Trichur.
Second son of Jacob Cherian, Abraham Jacob, stayed at home after passing engineering. Mariamma daughter of A J Abraham, Alumoottil, Chennamkari was wife. Jacob Abraham was son and Mariam Abraham, Elizabeth Abraham are daughters. Jacob Cherian’s younger son, Jacob Chacko served with UBC after passing out from Central Institute. Suma, Kizhakkeveetil, Trivandrum was wife. Jino Jacob Chacko was son and Jina Mariam Chacko was daughter.
Illampallil I C Cherian’s second son, I C Kurian had own estate in Munnar. Thankamma, Polachirackal, Mavelikara was wife. I C Cherian, Palouse Kurian, Vinod Kurian, Sunil Kurian are sons and Suseela, Latha, Sudha are daughters. Suseela was married to K P John, Kolath, Kurichi, Latha to M T Mathew, Nediyakala, Naranganam and Sudha was married to Mathew Joseph, Adimathara, Pullad.
I C Kurain’s elder son, I C Cherian did own business in Dubai. Supriya, Pandiyackal, Pattom was wife, Prasanth, Prajeesh, Pratheekh are sons. I C Kurain’s second son, Palouse Kurian, did business in Dubai. Leena, Kaniyanparambil, Kottayam is wife. Christina Paul and Merina are daughters. I C Kurain’s third son, Vinod Kurian is in Dubai. Girly, Kochumamootil, Kumbanad is wife with one son and a daughter. I C Kurain’s younger son stayed at family house. Anne, Madukkolil, Elanthoor is wife. Ashwin, Mahima are children.
I C Cherian’s third son I C John (Johnny) was a public personality. He served as Edathua Panchayat President for long, and also was the President of Co-operative society. Was the proprietor of Vijaya bus service. (Edathua- Thiruvalla route). He served as the Vice President of Kudumba yogam. Kunjamma, Sankaramangalam, Eraviperoor is wife. Cherian Illampallil John, Koshy J Illampallil are sons and Santha, Geetha, Jaya are daughters. Santha was a married to Kurian, Akkare, Kottayam, Geetha to Cherian Mathew, Mangalam, Kottayam and Jaya was married to G Pothirickan. Cherian Illampallil John is at Chicago and Sally, daughter of Pothen, Thekkil, Kallunkal is wife. Justin John and Jasmine are children. Younger son, Koshy j Illampallil, was in Bahrain and settled at native home. Stella, Amayil, Maramon is wife. Elder son, John Illampallil Koshy married Rini daughter of Fidelis, Casilda, Vazhuthacad. Thomas Illampallil Koshy is the younger son.
I C Cherian’s forth son, George Cherian settled at Thiruvalla. Was the proprietor for Mepral bus service. Molly, daughter of K V Cherian, Valanjattil, Kottayam was wife. Rajeev George, Sajeev George, G George are sons and Rani, Renu are daughters. Rani was married to Mathew George, Velliyampallil, Mallapally and Renu to Rengi George, Vaidyanveetil, Chathannoor.
George Cherian’s elder son, Rajeev, a Chartered Accountant is with Malayala Manorama as Internal Auditor. Molvi, Koippurath, Chamavilayil, Chenganoor is wife. Ravin and Ramna are children. Sajeev George is serving with Etihad airways in Abu Dhabi. Bindu, Chackalamannil, Trivandrum is wife. Sabinu and Ribinu are children. G George is a Chartered Accountant, serving with Grindlays bank, UK. Saira, daughter of Dr Kurian, Chitteth, Kallada is wife. George, Kurian, Kripa are children.
Chacko Illampallil, second son I C Chacko, did his engineering from UK. Retired as Chief Engineer from Government of Travancore. Was the mastermind for Edathua- Thakazhi road and advisor to Thottapally spillway. Elizabeth, daughter of Dr Verghese, Kozhimannil, Karackal was wife. Jacob, Dr Verghese Chacko are sons and Gracy, Molly, Rosini are daughters. Gracy was married to Dr Kurian George son of K George, – Chief Secretary-, Malikeckal, Thiruvalla, Molly to Mani, Modayil, and Roshini to Modayil Mallapally.
Jacob Chacko, elder son of I C Chacko, Chartered Account served with Pyaari and co and retired as General Manager. Settled at Thiruvalla. Thankamani, daughter of P C Koshy, Polachirackal, Mavelikara is wife. Elder son, Dr Chacko married Maria, second son Koshy Chacko married Reena. Indira, Prameela and Nimmu are daughters.
Verghese Chacko, second son of I C Chacko, after completing FRCS joined and retired as Head of Orthopedics in Manipal Medical College. He was honored Emeritus and later served in Pushpagiri hospital. Ruby, Kovoor, Thiruvalla is wife. Dr Asoke is son and wife is Shoba. Anita and Anoopa are daughters.
I C Mathew, third son of Chacko Illampallil was a post graduate in Mathematics and served in Bombay. Kunjaccamma, Pazhayaparambil, Thiruvalla was wife.
I C Abraham, forth son of Chacko Illampallil, settled at Chiraparambil. Saramma, daughter of Thomas, Chalakuzhi, Thiruvalla was wife. Jacob Abraham, Thomas Abraham, A Abraham, Mathew Abraham are sons and Joykutty, Sophiyamma, Dr Molly, Thankamma, Kunjamma were daughters.
Joykutty was married to Mathai, Kurichiyath, Niranam, Sophiyammaa to Dr M C Thomas, Pulikkatra, Maliyil, Dr Molly to Alex, son of Korechan, Kodiyattu, Thiruvalla, Thankamma to Mathai Benjamin, Alunilkunnathil, Maramon and Kunjamma was married to Mathai, Ancheril, Trichur.
Jacob Abraham son of I C Abraham, after completing textile technology worked with TATA, Birla, and Hopes and later retired as General Manager from Gokkak Mills and settled at Calicut. Kunjumol, Mundapallil, Thiruvalla is wife. Renjith, Ajith are sons. Reju, daughter was married to Joshu, son of Kurian Abraham, Angadipurath, Calicut. Renjith Jacob, an engineer, served with Coast Guard as Commandant. Neethu is wife. Nikhil is son and his wife is Aisha. Ajith Jacob is a Chartered Accountant and served as General Manager in South Indian Bank. Omana is wife and Sneha and Rohan are children.
Thomas Abraham, son of I C Abraham retired from Indian Navy and later with Forbes and settled at Bombay. Rose Thomas is wife. Allan is son and Sandra and Sherin are daughters. Allan is Journalist.
Professor A. Abraham, third son of I C Abraham, was head of Zoology department and later retired as Principal and settled at Edathua. Sudha daughter of C I David, Cheruvathoor, Kunnamkulam is wife. Dr A Abraham, his elder son is working in Christian College Chengannur. He authored a meaningful book titled “Jesus the game changer”. Asha is wife. Risham is their son and Meeval is their daughter. David Abraham, younger son of Professor A. Abraham is working in TCS Pvt Ltd. Diya is wife and Riyo and Georgi are their children
Professor A. Abraham is the present President of Polackal Kudumba Yogam.
Mathew Abraham, son of I C Abraham served in Nigerian after doing Engineering. Mariyakutty, daughter of Chackochen, Alunilkunnathil, Kozhencherry is wife and was school Principal in Nigeria. Aby is son and working in Bahrain.
I C John son of Illampallil Chacko served as manager in National & Quilon bank and settled at Edathua. Aleyamma, Manjallor, Vennikulam is wife. Roy is son and Lizy, Mini are daughters. Lizy was married to Baby and Mini was married to Joy, Nalonnil, Venmani. Roy served in Nigeria, Anu, Ayroor, Cherukara is wife. Jayan John is son and Indu is daughter.
Dr Cherian son of Illampallil Cherian (son of Polackal Cherian) settled at Puthencavu. Married Elizabeth , Kurunthottickal, Kozhencherry. They have five sons and four daughters. Elder son P.C.Cherian was Executive Director to Voltas, Bombay. Chellamma, Kandathil family was wife. Ramani, Muneer, Geetha are children.
Second son, P.C.Mathew, served Pears Leslie Company and Annie is wife. Daughter Sudha was Principal of Maharajas College. Maya was Chartered Accountant and Usha was medical doctor. Son Arun is Chartered Accountant. Maya is wife, one son and one daughter.
Daughter, Dr Thankam Behanan was a Pediatrician. Son J.P Cherian worked with forest department. Wife is Gracy, Principal of Shishya School, Chennai. Son, Jacob Cherian and his wife is Ammukutty, Manalel family. Son, Azad is Estate Manager. Geetha is wife. Two sons and one daughter.
Son, Anish was General Manager of Indian Potash. Basica is wife. Three sons, Jacob, Kuruvila and Pothen.
Daughter, Grace married Dr K C Chacko, Koppara family.
Daughter Susan Mani married A M Mani, Adimathara family. Was KSEB Chairman. Son A M Mathew is a Physician at Trivandrum and sister, Nina Roy married to Dr Roy Verghese Kandathil, Plathottam.
Eighth, daughter Daisy Varkey, a school teacher was married to P K Varkey of Thumpunkal, Mavelikara. Ninth son, George Cherian, Chartered Accountant was Financial Director to Burma shell, Bombay. Wife Elizabeth served as a teacher at Bombay and Bangalore. Settled at Bangalore. Son, Manu is a Chartered Accountant. Nina is wife. They have one son and daughter, Lira is a physician. Dr Aslam Pervez is husband with one son.

God bless all/ 10th Jan 2020